I know what you really want

Dear Miss Snark,

In their submission guidelines, some agents ask for the first three chapters of the manuscript along with a query. I think such requests are predicated on short chapters. I have a 300-page novel with 13 chapters. Each chapter is semi-self-contained. I plan on submitting some of these chapters as short stories to literary journals. Here's the page count for the first three chapters:

Chapter 1: 1-33
Chapter 2: 34-57
Chapter 3: 58-77

Although I'm more than willing to "give 'em what they want," I don't want to inflict agents with a pound of paper. What do you recommend, oh exalted one?

I recommend you return your degree in mind reading for a full refund.

Follow the directions.

Submission guidelines are not tricks to weed out those who can't figure out what we "really want".

Follow the directions.

Agents flunked out of mind reading school. They won't know you're trying to help them out. They'll see you can't follow directions.

Follow the directions.

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