Know Your Snarkiana-Submission Window Shuttered

compilation/results/prize announcements to come

These were the questions.
this is NOT the qualifiying quiz for the crapometer.
I'm reading your comments about that and contemplating being reincarnated as a bug.

1. What is the name of the Princess of Pixies?

2. Which regular commenter writes westerns?

3. What magazine is fortunate to claim MG Tarquini as a contributing editor?

4. Name as many of Miss Snark's relatives as you can

5. Who is Pat Walsh and why does Miss Snark talk about him in reverent tones?

6. Who are Ann, Victoria and Dave and why does Miss Snark mention them?

7. What are three things Miss Genoese and Miss Snark share?

8. When Miss Snark mentions her hair, what is she doing with it?

9. There are six reasons to scream at a client. Which is your favorite?

10. Miss Snark recommends books from time to time. Name any three.

11. Bonus points: for which phrase has Miss Snark applied for a patent?


Liane Gentry Skye said...

Yes, I really want to spend my Sunday afternoon researching Snarkiana. ;c)

Manic Mom said...

Because I think I'm a fairly regular voyeur and poster into the world of Snark, but am at a loss for most of these questions, I have taken the liberty to offer my own answers, in no particular order, but am certain some or all of them will be correct:

George Clooney
A pail of Gin
Killer Yap
Miss Snark

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christine said...

Yanno, I know the answer to ONE of those off the top of my head. I know who Victoria, Ann and Dave are.

The rest?? Yanno, I need a cluegun.

NitWitness said...

Do I get special bonus points if I have a 2nd cousin (once removed) named Miguel Ferrer? ;)

Inez said...

Yanno, (pat pending)I can't answer half of them, but,
I like it!

Fiver said...

2. George Clooney, but I use a pen name.

10. Bridges of Madison County is one, right?

Pepper Smith said...

Erm...I'm a regular reader, but I honestly don't think I could answer half of those.

ORION said...

Will you grade on the curve?

cudd said...

Miss Snark, have you been reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets again? You know, the book where a professor gives students an exam and only asks questions regarding obscure details of his personal life?

Your quiz is halarious, but I tend to forget the Miss Snark details when trying to remember the Miss Snark advice, :) I'd never pass without a cheat sheet.

Anonymous said...

The all important question was left off: who gives a shit? If I've got the inclination to remember half of those answers I probably spend a little too much time obsessing about this blog. I don't think I care enough about the answers to go to the trouble of learning them, just so I can submit something to the crapometer? No thanks. This blog presents a lot of useful information, and I appreciate that, but sometimes it tries to be a little too exclusive.

BuffySquirrel said...

Are non-Americans suddenly not excluded from winning prizes or did you forget that bit?

Chumplet said...

Cripes, I think we're in trouble here.

1. Sha'el, of course! (Why couldn't you ask about the cute, fuzzy snarkling?)
2. Yikes. Pass.
3. Spinetingler Magazine
4. Grandmother Snark, the damn poodle.
5. Holy crap. He's EE, right? Did we let the cat out of the bag? You can edit this answer if you like, but he's the former senior editor of McAdam/Cage and the author of '78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published and 14 Reasons Why It Just Might'. Hmmmm.
6. Our lovely whistle blowers
7. The pistachio muffins? You both live in Brooklyn? You both like Clooney?
8. Either tearing it out or putting out the fire in it.
9. Follow the damn directions!
10. Uh. hang on, lemme look....
Hey, cool, you like Dick Francis. I think I read every one, and suspect that his wife really wrote them. Also: The Amulet of Samarkand, Jonathan Stroud; Baby Proof, Emily Giffin.
11. Yanno (pp)

Do I pass?

Anonymous said...

Sha'el, I knew your name right off. And I think Miss Snark sets her hair on fire-regularly. (She likes the fire guys who come to put it out-that's my guess.)

Who writes westerns? come out of hiding (I was going to guess Buffy Squirrel, but I think she must write animal tales.)

I feel like a regular but I didn't know #s 2, 5 (until Sha'el told us and then I "remembered"), #7, & #10 (similar reason-I have too many books on my reading list to take any more recommendations at the present). And # 9, I'm just guessing (he calls you for advice after he's done something stupid). Thank dog the bonus point was easy!.

So Sha'el-you should send your answers e-mail, to claim those prizes.

Pixel Faerie said...

You've got email, Miss Snark, though I admit, I had to look up a couple of things because I couldn't remember. ;)

Sha'el, you're the only pretty princess of pixies I know on here. ;) So you were my #1 answer. (I'm sure that means something special, don't it?)

McKoala said...

I emailed - lol Sha'el - I forgot most of your million names. I guessed #2, no idea on #3 (sorry MG, must pay more attention), mixed success on some of the others, I think. Fun, though, I love a good quiz.

Pepper Smith said...

Chumplet, a new Dick Francis book just came out on the 26th of September. The fourth Sid Halley book.

Sue said...

#8 Fire, Princess of Pixies, fire. Of course, I'm not sure if she is setting her hair ON fire, or putting it out.

BTW, where IS Rabbitania? I see the reference to that and the serial scrubbers everywhere, have read all of the archives (not in depth, obviously), and referenced the index, but have never found the link to the original posts that caused the uproar.

Dave Kuzminski said...

I was going to offer another question and didn't expect so much response or for the questions to be selected so soon. Mine was, "Should a writer trust an agency with a bad rep after someone claims they just purchased it?" The answer is no because it's typically a dodge to get rid of the bad rep without changing the letterhead or the people involved behind the scenes.

By the way, do these pants make my butt look big? So far, the lovely Ann and Victoria haven't said anything about that, but they just could be trying to remain polite. ;)

BuffySquirrel said...

Er, no, I don't write Westerns. Nor animal tails.

Romans, guys. Alternate Romans.

lizzie26 said...

Geez, I'm reading this on a Sunday night after a cool sunny day at the beach. And a pail of gin by my side. Yanno, there's no way I can answer any of those questions.

Corn Dog said...

Sue, FAQ, Sue, then go to the comments and click on the hyperlink. We also went over this last week - again. I'm not trying to sound snooty but...

Sue said...

Also, Miss Snark, I believe you have applied for a trademark, not a patent, yanno?

Sue said...

Oh, and I don't think this is the qualifying quiz, I suspect this quiz is for fun, composed of those FUN questions we asked (or Miss Snark thought of all on her own.)

verification word: daft, or something to that effect

Dave said...

oh, shame on you!.
I go an take my elderly Mother to the Pittsburgh Symphony's opening concert and you snark me!
I'm crushed and delighted, very delighted in a self-abusing sort of way...

Nick said...

Well, I'm screwed.


theraspberrycordial said...

Yanno is quite an adorable baby name; it's some sort of version of John (well that's obvious).


It's not currently a popular choice but I think Miss Snark will change that.

Anonymous said...

"What's an altered Roman? "
Well, when you ask like that, Sha'el, I'd say he was neutered.

Anon 3

P.S. Don't be such a pill, Anon the cranky pants

S William said...

#1 Bob?

GutterBall said...

Crap! This is what I get for writing most of the day!

Luckily, I only know about 5 answers right off, so I don't think I'll miss much if I don't send mine in.

Oh, and you guys crack me up.

Word ver: gyxwcpag - what, are they kidding?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chumplet said...

Pepper Smith: Chumplet, a new Dick Francis book just came out on the 26th of September. The fourth Sid Halley book.

Woo Hoo! Holy crap, time to get to the bookstore. Lemme see, do I have enough Loonies?

Okay, maybe it wasn't his wife, but I'll be looking CAREFULLY at the writing style.

-a horse lover (in a platonic sense)

Pepper Smith said...

LOL! Chumplet, you'll notice differences. He's always maintained that his wife should have gotten co-author credit, but that she refused it.

Still, he knows his characters, and while the prose is not as tight as it's been in the past, it's still a good book.

Anonymous said...


The 'Pill' comment was directed at the first Anon poster, not you.

Anon 3

Manic Mom said...

So, Miss Snark, is your crapometer contest next time going to consist of like four or five entries?

Is the prize agent representation?

I think you need another quiz, one that we dedicated yet uninformed, non-information-gathering snarklings could answer easier... Oh hell, what do I know?

Ski said...

Is it me, or does it seem that some of us have too much free time on our hands...?


Stuart said...

Wow. I read this blog almost everyday, but would miss about half of those questions...

Guess I should pay more attention to the non-agent/writing/gin/KY/nitwit stuff. ;)

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sue said...

Corn dog ... uh, duh. Thanks. It is all crystal clear.


Anonymous said...

1. Sha'el
4. Grandma Snark, KY
6. They write about scams to warn writers
7. agents, bloggers, NY
8. setting it on fire
10. Samarkand (sp?) by Stroud, A writer's life by Tales, Darkly dreaming Dexter
11. Yanno

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Most people got just about all of the answers I knew, but #8 is my personal favorite because not this one...but the last crapometer, I made you do it...

"Set your hair on fire!"

Anonymous said...

So, Miss Snark, is your crapometer contest next time going to consist of like four or five entries?
Is the prize agent representation?

An ethical agent only offers representation when the writer's work merits the offer, not because the writer won a fairly half-baked contest like the Crapometer.

A writing contest has to have a winner, but that doesn't mean the winner is ready to be published yet.

It also wouldn't be wise for any of us to accept representation from an agent who is anonymous, i.e. who we don't know anything about and can't check out the sales record of.

I'm pretty certain the prize is never going to be representation. Evisceration de la Snarque is more probable.

katiesandwich said...

Wow. I escaped from this computer for two stinkin days to actually do some, um, writing, and look what happens! There's a party going on here today!

Well, I like the quiz idea. If this is the quiz, though... well, I read this blog regularly, but not for long enough to remember most of the stuff on this quiz. On the other hand, there was some crazy stuff on the last crapometer, and weeding is definitely a good idea.

I knew the answers to 1 and 8. Can I still have a prize? Can it be a cookie?

word verification: "crnftmsx" That's the longest word ver. I've ever seen!

overdog said...

Okay. Without looking at everyone else's answers first.

1. Sha'el (sp?)

2. I have no effing clue.

3. Spinetingler, but to be honest I googled that, didn't learn it here.

4. Grandmother Snark and...

5. Pat Walsh wrote a book about publishing, the title of which is long and somewhat witty but slips my mind.

6. Ann and Victoria run the Writer Beware blog. Dave is Dave Kuzminski, of Preditors and Editors. The three of them are superheroes of the writing world.

7. I would say M, I and S, but then there's also N, so I'd be wrong.

8. Lighting it on fire.

9. I'd say screaming is unbusinesslike, so unless you want to break off with them entirely, there are no good reasons.

10. I made a note once that MS likes Laura Lippman. She also likes good poets from time to time.

11. Yanno isn't a phrase, so no bonus for me.

And that's enough time wasted for one evening. A pleasant break.

Manic Mom said...


Apparently you haven't read the Snark Guide Book...

my post was slathered in sarcasm regarding agent representation! Slathered, and then, drenched with gin.

Manic Mom said...

You forgot to include a question on the most popular color for genitalia!


hkneale said...

Yanno[tm], I could answer every single one of those questions but number two.

Now, if she'd said "humorous Sci-fi" instead of "westerns", I could have scorched it.

But westerns? Other than guessing "anonymous", I wouldn't have a friggin' clue. I guess I'll be cruising the archives.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's me out. I read this most days, love the nitty gritty, automatically skip the extras. (The reason I skip most blogs come to that.) I can see why the Crap needs a dose of Coloxyl but doubt this is the remedy. (So wonderfully wise of me considering I've got nothing better to offer.)

December Quinn said...

Jeeps. You know I've been a regular reader for a while but those are HARD!!

I'm emailing them, but have mercy...my youngest poured juice on my laptop yesterday and fried it. Thankfully I'd just backed up my two major WIPs but the stuff I lost...all our photos and all the story idea snippets and synopses and stuff I'd saved...*sob*

Anonymous said...

Everything Sha'el says. Can I copy your notes after school? Well, except for number eight. That would be setting her hair on fire.

writtenwyrdd said...

Fascinating how much time it takes to research all these answers. I gave up. But I remember reading them all someplace in here. Does that count? LOL.

Malia said...

I knew most of them right off the bat which means I'm spending way too much time on this blog and not enough time on my ms....

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, but I read purely to glean information (thanks). I don't pay attention to the groupie part of it at all. I could answer Snark-based questions but have no idea about pixies and Westerns.

Maya said...

Hey, Nitwitness: Check your family tree. If you have a cousin named Miguel Ferrer, you may also have a cousin named George Clooney. I'm sure that's worth at least a bonus point or three--especially if you can produce an invite to the family reunion for Miss Snark.

lizzie26 said...

"You forgot to include a question on the most popular color for genitalia!"

Hey, manic mom, I know! I know! It's orange! (It's Monday morning now, so the sun and fun at the beach and all that gin sort of wore off.)

Kim said...

Argh! I only knew about three of those questions! I need to pay even closer attention. I didn't know there'd be a quiz at the end...

Cranky Anon needs to lighten up. Yeesh, some people wear their underwear just a little too tight, yanno?

Word bver - njekn - woo hoo a short one!

Emjay said...

Surely you're kidding?!?

I mean MsSurely you're kidding.

Beth said...

I had been worried that I was spending too much time reading this blog, until I realized I couldn't answer half of those questions. Since it could not possibly be my memory that's at fault, obviously I'm not spending nearly enough time here.

a longtime snarkling said...

I believe the enormous fan base for this blog was a result of the letters posted by Miss Snark and the entertaining and/or informative responses to those letters.

With respect to future fans who are just discovering this blog: Imagine if you were dragged to a high school reunion where you knew no one and had to endure the same war stories repeatedly and struggle to sort out who Biff and Bunny were?

Would you immediately start conjuring up excuses not to attend the next reunion five years hence or would you be looking forward to it?

Besides -- as far as qualifying for the crapometer -- didn't somebody once state that good writing trumps everything?

Just a thought.

BuffySquirrel said...

Alternate, not altered! I can see the Snarkster should be giving away dictionaries ;).

Alternate as in alternate history. A bit like Fantasy but more, yanno, historical.

Carrie said...

1. Sha'el
2. Don't know. Bill E. Goat? Ha.
3. Spinetingler
4. Grandma Snark and KY
5. Editor/Author. Good tips for getting published. Or not.
6. Ann, Dave and Victoria are the superheroes who save the world of writers from those evil predators.(and editors)
7. Muffins, Brooklyn and Intelligence. Oh, and probably Mr. Clooney. Can't forget about him.
8. Why, setting it ablaze, of course.
9. Calling, emailing, lack of editing, not following the damn directions.
10. Timothy: or, Notes of an Abject Reptile (have it). The Creative Habit (have it - the book, not the creative habit).
11. Yanno and You're a nitwit (not the answer, I just like that one).

Do I get a prize? I love prizes. Even though I posted in lieu of email (didn't follow the damn directions)

Sherry Decker said...

1. Shael
2. yanno, I dunno
3. dunno again
4. Grandma Snark and Killer Yap
5. author/editor
6. publishing police
7. agents (?)
8. twisting it till it pulls out
9. 'Ms Snark' / a follow-up in 1 wk
10. ummm
11. yanno

Kate Thornton said...

Wonderful exercise in Paying Attention to the Details. At last - a reward of sorts for retaining the arcane.

Thank you, Miss Snark. It was fun - but I'm not giving away the answers (number 2 seemed hardest, but...)

Anonymous said...

You don't need a quiz. You need an invitation only Yahoo Group. Less chance of mutants. Good luck with bug thing.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zinnia said...

Six reasons to yell at your agent? Ohhhhhhh! I need to find a chicken to kick...

Anonymous said...

I'm with those regular readers who wouldn't be able to answer half of these. What about, instead of questions about Miss Snark, questions refering to previous Crapometers? The point, after all, is not to be a little secret club of Snarklings, but the expectation that the people who enter will be taking full advantage of previous comments on previous crapometers. We want to find *new* problems, darn it, not hear someone get slapped down for "Ms Snark" for the hundredth time.
That said, it would require research from all entrants, not just newbies, as I'm sure no one had committed the previous crapometers to memory. Maybe that's not a bad thing though? Forcing a review?
Anyway, just rambling...

cudd said...

Eep... You sound like you could use a hug. Are we allowed to give Miss Snark hugs?


No reincarnation as a bug for you. Not yet, anyhow.


Shouga Tea said...

How could anyone forget Shyster Snark?
I hope humor carries for some absolutely tragic ignorance on my submission.

Feisty said...

I guess this is where I wave the white flag and surrender.

hanging by a thread in Canada said...

I think the number one criteria for getting in the crapometer should be the ability to READ. The questions listed in the post were clearly labelled Not for the Crapometer. No wonder she'd rather be a bug.

The crapometer should be open to manuscripts that are ready to submit (or are making the submission rounds). As in done, ready, cooked. As in mine.

Loved the post, it was fun. Love you too Miss S.

Ski said...

Will you be grading on a curve...?


Anonymous said...

"Six reasons to yell at your agent? Ohhhhhhh! I need to find a chicken to kick..."

I think it was the other way around, but that chicken part was funny.

overdog said...

I understand the need for a quiz, or some sort of weeding out. Miss Snark reads enough slush as it is, and the last Crapometer brought a huge number of entries. Next time, imagine the scenario: word goes out on the web, "Miss Snark's doing a Crapometer!" and a lot of folks who rarely read the blog start sending over their stuff.

Last time, hundreds of entries. Next time, thousands. Miss Snark spends even more of her valuable time wading through the same old stuff regular readers learned last time. Don't send your query to "Ms. Snark." Mention some plot somewhere. Vanity publishing is not a credit. And so forth.

So. Suggestions? How to weed through it all if not a quiz? There are excellent minds here to apply to this problem. We darn near wore her out last time and she's too valuable to waste.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an idiot, I have benefitted from this blog greatly and I am grateful for all the effort all those involved put into the process.
However, I also realise that this site is also an ego trip for miss snark. For all the 'I do it for the writers', there's a great deal of arse-kissing from lonely, anxious bloggers that must help the snarking process during those long, lonely nights reading crapometer entries. And for this reason I must comment that this whole quiz takes the piss. Whilst I am sorry that you are a victim of your own success and must bear the terrible burden of so many hapless eijits all clamouring for your literary attention, I didn't realise I would have to be sifting through the contents of your garbage just to be given the golden ticket to be ridiculed on the blog. In order to answer the questions in this quiz I would have to read this blog, and remember its contents, day in and day out for weeks. I may sound rude and not very commmitted but with a full-time job, a social life, a family and a book-on-the-go, I haven't the time to use this blog for anything other than a useful tool in the book-writing process. Is this wrong?
My advice, (given knowing it may be returned to me publicly, scornfully and with all sufficiently clued-up snarklings sycophantically guffawing at my stupidity), is to remove this nonsense. If you must include a quiz, could you make it a quiz that requires some effort but doesn't require an in-depth and unhealthy obsession with miss snark's life? For example, an internet-search-based quiz wherein you need to spend a bit of time searching for answers but not have your nose stuffed so far up someone's cyber-backside that you lose the will to live and feel even more like a desperate waster than you already do?

Pixel Faerie said...

How about just answering the questions just because it's fun? ;)

I don't read into the comments too many times, I don't have that much time, but I do read enough to pick up a *few* things.

I've already submitted crap to the Crapometer, I wouldn't mind doing it again, and wedge another knife in.

I think Miss Snark has more regular readers than she thinks. Not everyone chooses to comment all the time.

What's the next Crapometer going to be though? First paragraph? Everyone's page 42?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so how about we just list three things we learned from a previous crapometer? -Or we could all just send a video clip of ourselves doing the Flintstones' secret Waterbuffalo handshake.

snarkfodder said...

I think Question 12 was a hidden question. "Are you familiar enough with this blog that you realize this quiz is purely for fun and that Miss Snark wouldn't be so dumb as to pose such obscure questions as a qualifying quiz for the crapometer, particularly since she is still recovering from the last crapometer and already said that a qualifying quiz would state up-front that it was a qualifying quiz?"

Or the brief version: "Are you confident that you know how to read?"

Don't let 'em get you down, Miss Snark.

Robin L. said...

I just don't get the mean comments. Get over yourselves, people. Somebody in NYC go give Miss Snark a hug. KY - head to the store for a full gin pail, pronto!

Elektra said...

Anyone else have the ireesistable urge to send some of these people a dictionary opened to 'fun'?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
also said...

Anonymous said... "I'm not an idiot (ARE YOU CERTAIN?) I realise that this site is also an ego trip for miss snark. For all the 'I do it for the writers', there's a great deal of arse-kissing from lonely, anxious bloggers that must help the snarking process during those long, lonely nights reading crapometer entries." (also) "My advice, () is to remove this nonsense."

It's very simple, anonymous (which is good for you): if you don't like the time wasted here, and the so-called arse-kissing, and the crapometer or the idea for a funny contest, why not save the sarcasm for people who enjoy it? Yanno, elsewhere?

Kim Stagliano said...

I just need to team up with a strong agent and find a Dunkin Donuts that still sells the Toilet Seat donut. That's all I need. And my thermos. An agent, a toilet seat donut and my thermos. And this chair. An agent, a toilet seat donut, my thermos and this chair. That's all I need.

You'll have to read my book to learn about toilet seat donuts. I haven't figured out how to artfully weave that into my query. Which may be preventing me from landing an agent. And I've heard most agents like Tasty Kakes anyway, and HATE Little Debby. Oops, wrong post.


Chumplet said...

Jeez'm crow, a few cornflake bowls are swimming with piss today.

This blog is primarily FUN. It is also INFORMATIVE. Some snarklings are established writers, and some of us are newbies who are dizzy with joy when we discover that our writing might NOT suck.

We also enjoy communicating with other writers, mainly because our families are sick of hearing about our perpetual agent hunt, or how we rewrote a chapter, or what contest we entered.

Visit and read. If you don't like what you're reading, keep your mouth shut and go somewhere else. For cripe's sake, do you actually think preaching on this blog is gonna change anything? Save it for your book.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed at the direction this blog has been going for the last couple of weeks.

Please get back to writing useful stuff. I am just not all that into the cute stuff - either by Miss Snark or her commentors. I love the humor. But for every one's sake, please tone down the cute.

Thank you in advance.

Manic Mom said...

Submission window shuttered or SHATTERED since the quiz was too hard even for the die-hardest of them all?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim Stagliano,
Here's a toilet seat donut:

For those not wanting to click the link: "Basic donut type elevated seat has been completely redesigned to feel similar in comfort to a regular toilet seat."

Why would a cafe carry that?

Maya said...

"In order to answer the questions in this quiz I would have to read this blog, and remember its contents, day in and day out for weeks."

OR you could learn to use the freaking "search" function.

Geez, people. MS has always treated this blog tongue in cheek. Why all of a sudden is everyone taking her so literally?

In a world in which agents and editors respond capriciously, it helps to develop a sense of humor (not to mention irony). Relax. Drink a pail or two of gin.

Manic Mom said...

Those who don't like Miss Snark, go elsewhere. There are plenty of blogs out there. This one happens to be entertaining and informative.

And I'm in it for the long haul anyway, hoping Georgie will guest-blog someday. Naked.

DaisyBuchanan said...

If the prospects of a Snark-specific quiz generated 90 comments, (as of 9:00 p.m. EST on 10/02), then it seems to be a good means of weeding out those who want something for nothing from the people who have been reading the blog and/or contributing to the discussion.

However, I agree with the last anonymous: the cute stuff is getting old, fast.

cudd said...

"Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed at the direction this blog has been going for the last couple of weeks.

Please get back to writing useful stuff. I am just not all that into the cute stuff - either by Miss Snark or her commentors. I love the humor. But for every one's sake, please tone down the cute.

Thank you in advance."

Miss Snark has posted three "cute" things between September 30th and October 1st. That's two DAYS, not two WEEKS. That's all the "cute" stuff on the main page, and that's mixed in with 22 helpful posts. I think there were also 3 posts that didn't fit either category.

Honestly, I don't know why you're trying to tell someone how to run their blog when they're giving you damn good advice for FREE, but if you must bitch, at least get your facts straight.

Sherry Decker said...

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
"A free critique for Anon the Cranky and Rude"

ha ha - well done, Sha'el. People who don't like funny, serious, and everything in between, please stumble somewhere else and start your own (dull) blog.

katiesandwich said...

snarkfodder and hanging from a thread in canada:

Okay, stop wigging out. I can't speak for everyone else, but I am not a nitwit (at least, not about this). I realize this isn't the qualifying quiz. I do know how to read. I was just saying that if the qualifying quiz resembled this one, it might not be a good idea. That's it. Excuse me if I sound snippy, but this kind of annoys me. If I wanted people to try to make me feel small and insignificant, I'd go back to high school.

Miss Snark, if you came back as a bug, it would be a butterfly. :)

snarkfodder said...

You know, if there's anything to the stereotype that writers are an insufferably self-centered bunch, these anonymice certainly give credence to it. This reminds me of Evil Editor's response to a recent grievance.

It helps to approach this blog as a place to glean information and not a place to be coached or coddled. What you find are simply crumbs left behind by the grinding Millsnark. NOBODY OWNS THE SNARK. Accept that and you'll be happy.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

since word verification is "wowes" I just had to say something!

I thought "idiot" was spelled "idjit."

Anonymous said...

They've gotten into the gin! They've drunk it ALL! Please tell me what an 'alternate Roman' is as I would love to find that passage funny.*

*It was funny, I just didn't understand the punch line.

Eads, look at that word verification! Good thing all the gin was gone already.

Elektra said...

Foreign word: tingo (Easter Island)
English translation: "To take all the objects one desires from the house of a friend, one at a time, by borrowing them."

BuffySquirrel said...

Sha'el dear, thank you for the excursion into British history :). Very entertaining!

I think you have way too much time on your hands. But then, so do I.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...
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Ski said...

...can you feel the love...?