Making Sausage

Dear Miss Snark,

Say you’ve queried and had some encouraging rejections—personal responses from agents who invite you to resubmit after a revision.
The consensus seems to be that the writing is good, the project has potential, but more work needs to be done.
A couple of these agents suggest editorial help for content—and since you’ve revised as much as your mind will allow you to, you embrace this idea, get the edit and are more than happy with the results. You complete the revision and are ready to submit again.

When resubmitting, do you mention to any of these agents that you’ve enlisted the help of an editor?



lizzie26 said...

Agents want a writer who can do his/her own editing according to comments given.

Anonymous said...

How many times are you going to answer this question?

Miss Snark said...

more than once, less than a hundred.
Over the course of my life? 10,000,000,000,000,000