Miss Snark is not the reference librarian

Hi Ms Snark,

Please tell me where to find agents that handle romance novels with African American lesbians as the main protagonists.

Same place you find agents that handle romance novels with any other kind of hot mamas.

Writers Market

there are Guides
of all sorts and kinds

and your librarian is your friend.


Catja (green_knight) said...

May I point out that, if asked the above question, not all reference librarians would _want_ to be the questioner's friend?

Anonymous said...

catja, you certainly may point that out but would be asinine to do so.

Anonymous said...

Look for published romance novels with protags who are African-Americans and/or lesbians. Check the acknowledgements section. Usually, the author thanks their agent by name.

bookofkell said...

Whether or not your public librarian is feeling friendly, she will answer your question to the best of her abilities, regardless of what she thinks of your topic. That's her job.

(Just in case anyone wondered about that.)

You might also want to take a look at Anna Genoese's post: http://alg.livejournal.com/90382.html#cutid1
It's one of the most honest I've seen.

Anonymous said...

www.bellabooks.com does lesbian romance and takes unagented submissions. So does www.boldstrokesbooks.com .
And for black lesbian book community, go "straight" to:
Fiona Zedde is selling very well at Kensington, you might need an agent to really get a look-in there.
Erotic romance is especially hot with black lesbian readers at the moment.

Anonymous said...

What is a "protag"

Anonymous said...

Just want to second the Bold Strokes Books mention - very hot in the lesbian romance market - traditional publishing - not POD -great marketing - quality products - no agent necessary. Bella is old school...

Samus said...


Anonymous said...


Lists publishers of Gay/Lesbian romance.

A search here shows 8 pages of agents who represent Lesbian romance: