Not quite published

Dear Miss Snark,

Would I be a nitwit to include in a query letter a reference to a novel that I have signed a contact with a small publisher for, (a respected, traditional publisher) but has not yet been published? I understand things can still happen that can delay a publication date, or even halt it. I believe my newest work would have a much larger audience, therefore the search for an agent. But I don't want to sound like a duncewagon in the letter by mentioning the other novel yet, if I should not.

No, this isn't nitwittery. You say you have a novel scheduled for publication with LuckyDucky and Shark in 200X. We all understand what that means.


Manic Mom said...

Lucky Ducky and Shark. You just make this shit up and have me cracking up!


Anonymous said...

Unless you ha to shell over money to make it happen, it is not nitwittery. It shows someone else was willing to pay for your writing or, if they don't pay advances, to suk up the printing and distribution costs.

kitty said...

Similar question: I had a story accepted for an anthology. I signed a contract. That was 2 years ago. Then the book was never published. Is this worth mentioning?