Red Letter Writing Contest #10

Enterprising Writers Wanted!

If you write the crisp dialogue of a dragoon, are part of the cabal that has memorized the name of the commander of the Starship Enterprise and can hum a Strauss waltz through your childhood retainer - you are Cabal & Dragoon material!

Just mail Ms. Strauss (nee Snark) at Cabal & Dragoon a modest retainer of $500 in crisp (unmarked) dollar bills to our New Jersey mail drop – and soon you'll be sailing on your own yacht, 'Enterprise'.

And – please – ignore that cabal of dragoons who use beverage alerts to attack our need for retainers to pay for our enterprise or you'll have more regrets than Strauss's Marschallin and a future that will be shortly dragooned into a burnt crisp.

But if you know the difference between the enterprise of Levi-Strauss and the enterprises of Levi Strauss, or if you have ever been intimate with that old dragoon Quentin Crisp or – most critically - if you retain a crisp cabal of lawyers on a regular retainer - then you are definitely not Cabal & Dragoon material!

Yes, those dreaded Beverage Alerts...I hear one coming on now.

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Anonymous said...

Had to use GOOGLE to get all the jokes, but best multiple uses of the six words.