Red Letter Writing Contest #13

Hilarity Ensues

Mr. MacKinnon looked at the sparking cabinet that had fallen on the trigger mechanism for the Dragoon. Somewhere nearby, a rocket fired.

"Oh, that's not good," he said.

The SM-58 Dragoon is a clever little bomb. The pet project of President Strauss, it's a small explosive attached to a disturbingly accurate guided missile. The operator selects a target, fires, and soon there is only a smoking hole where an enemy official stood before.

Project Potato Crisp was a rushed job, with a tiny budget and a snarky staff nicknamed "The Cabal." Most of the crew had not volunteered for the project, and mistrusted the whole enterprise.

While developing the tracking system for the Dragoon, the Cabal needed a test target with a verifiable, remote location. They chose President Strauss. In their hurry to get the missile operational, they accidentally left the target in memory.

If the Cabal hadn't been in such a rush to complete the project, it wouldn't have been as disastrous when the last bolt holding a rack of computer equipment let go.
Mr. MacKinnon ran to a still-functional monitor to see where the Dragoon was headed. He nearly swallowed his retainer when he discovered its destination.

No one knows if President Strauss appreciated the irony of being an integral part of the first successful test of the SM-58 Dragoon.

There are days I worry about y'all.
This is one.

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Mindy Tarquini said...

OMG. Project Potato Crisp.