Red Letter Writing Contest #20

Claire remembered sitting with her Grandfather as he stretched out the large old dictionary over their legs. It was important to be well read, he explained, and to have a great vocabulary. As the afternoon stretched out into evening, they would mull over words such as dragoon, cabal, strauss and enterprise. The sound of the turning pages was crisp and delicate and Grandpa’s lap felt warm and safe. Claire would stretch out a small finger and touch unfamiliar letters that snuggled into complete words. Grandpa would explain the selected word carefully, patiently teaching her how it could be used in different sentences.

He should have taught me useful words, Claire seethed. Words that could be used in real life situations. Words like fury, betrayal and revenge. She stood in her apartment not seeing the comfortable furniture or pieces of art hanging in carefully chosen spots. Instead she saw only the memory of a familiar face. The letter was so clutched tightly in her angry fist that she had to force herself to allow the paper to float to the top of the coffee table. Without reading it a second time, Claire took the only thing in the apartment that was important to her and tucked it into her purse. As she left the apartment, she began to formulate a plan. The plan, she decided, could be listed in the dictionary under vengeance and right now she didn’t mind the definition at all.

Gramps would be so proud!


Dave said...

Just for your information - Every galaxy in the universe contains a supermassive black hole in its center.

GutterBall said...

Well that sucks.

*rim shot*

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