Red Letter Writing Contest #22

A small Scottish village, forsooth,
Was besieged by a dragon, in truth,
Who appeared from the east
When expected the least
And sped off with a maiden uncouth

The village, in panicky mode
Called a knight, who lived just up the road
Who quickly agreed,
But a retainer he’d need,
Before he would leave his abode

The weather was crisp, but not cold,
The knight neither young nor yet old,
He set out with a cry,
“The dragoon he must die!
Or me name’s not MacIver the Bold!”

The enterprise well under way,
The knight, with a dragon to slay,
On a horse that was keen
Sped right to the scene
And brought that old dragon to bay.

Now here’s where the story gets weird
From the dragon lair music he heerd,
A waltz, he declared
A weakness he shared
With the dragon, or so it appeared

Sword drawn, toward the music he slipped
Into darkness as black as the crypt
But the tune was no Strauss
‘Twas Come On-a My House
In a voice from which honey-lust dripped

In the gloom he made out what he saw
‘Twas a scene close to dropping his jaw
In the distance was light
Just a speck in the night
But the scene caused his sword to undraw

For the tableau made perfectly clear
A cabal of the villagers here
Had played him the fool
Had made him the tool
Of a joke! How they’d laugh, how they’d jeer!

In the gloom of the dragonless lair
Sat a loving, adorable pair
She looked into his eyes
With rapturous sighs
And ran talonless claws through his hair

Backing out from a scene clearly looney
The knight, feeling cluelessly mooney
Watched Miss Snark flaunt her charms
Snug and warm in the arms
Of the grown son of Rosemary Clooney

ok, complete and utter disqualification (despite great promise) because Mr. Clooney is Rosemary Clooney's NEPHEW, and that is just basic required knowledge around HERE.


Southern Writer said...

Great piece, but is it really under 250 words? I had to struggle to keep it under 250.

Sam said...

Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Loved this!

Miz Treeze said...

I liked this, whether or not it was disqualified on a mere technicality.