Red Letter Writing Contest #23

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Two weird agents huddled over a stack of submissions while a third stirred a bubbling cauldron.

“Fair is foul and foul is fair, get Snark and Strauss out of my hair. That dragoon of dragons is out to get hard-working weird agents like me,” grumbled the third weird agent.

“Cabal, Barbie dearest, not dra…Oh, why bother.” The first weird agent picked up a query.
“Listen to this pathetic enterprise. ‘Dear Weird Agent. My mother said I wrote better than anyone else and I’m sending you my masterpiece to represent. It’s about a boy and his gun. It’s called ‘Big Bang’.’ He’s spelled ‘mother’ with a ‘U’ and ‘gun’ with two ‘N’s. What should I reply?”

The third weird agent paused her stirring. “Reply with the usual form letter.”

The first weird agent cackled, “The one saying, ‘Congratulations! Your work is exeptional! I’ll be glad to represent you. Complete the enclosed contract and send with a retainer fee of four hundred crisp bills?’”

“Yes, yes. That one. Now where was I?”

“You were about to add an eye of newt to the potion.”

“Oh yes. Eye of newt and tongue of mouse, rid me of troublesome Snark and Strauss!”

The weird agents paused while smoke from the cauldron rose in a stinging cloud and obscured everything in the room.

Barbie’s voice grated from the midst of the swirling smoke. “This spell had better work. I’m running out of nitwits.”

oh dear dog, another keyboard lost!


Mindy Tarquini said...

This is bad. I can hear the accent with the words.

Dave Fragments said...

This is cute and fun!

Southern Writer said...

I'm running out of keyboards here.

McKoala said...

Loving the witches.