Red Letter Writing Contest #27

Lament of Barbara Bauer ("to the tune of Build Me Up, Buttercup")

Why do you

Pick on me (pick on me)
Strauss and Crisp, baby
Just to bring me down
And dragoon around

And then worst of all (worst of all)
You always call scammers like you say you will
But I'll scam them still

Look, no fees
They'll just pay a retainer
How's that for an enterprise?

That darn cabal (darn cabal)
Bombed Google
With all their lies

Miss Snark feels a sing along coming on....comin' round the mountain!


Anonymous said...

Psssst.....Miss Snark? Did you skip #26 because it's 13 twice? (I know how you NYer's fret about that number in those skyscrapers.....

Anonymous said...

You forgot to charge per entry, Miss Snark. That's what dragoons are supposed to do. Duh!

Pamela said...

That was brilliant. Bravo.

Pamela said...

That was brilliant. Bravo.
It sings.
Like buttah.

Dave Fragments said...

Oh rats, I thought the music was Buttercup from that infernal nonsense Pinafore (HMS that is)...

Anonymous said...

You could also confuse it with My Little Buttercup from The Three Caballeros.

Southern Writer said...

Unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember when that song was a hit. Nice job!

Corn Dog said...

I agree. This one is brilliant with the artwork!