Red Letter Writing Contest #29

Miss Snark slipped behind the Dragoon, Arizona gas station and greeted the attendant. She pushed a crisp dollar into his hand, and he motioned for her to come. She followed him to the back of a large gift shop.

"It's through there." He pointed at a large steel door.

"But is it as horrifying as they say?"

He nodded. "If you get sick easily, I wouldn't go in."

Miss Snark stood up straight and dug her stiletto heels into the floor. "Do you know who you're talking to? I'm the Strauss of the agent world."

"Yeah, now I remember you. I sent you a book about a serial scrubber who lived in Rabbitania, but you sent me a form rejection letter."

"Let's just forget about that."

He pulled out a stack of papers. "I have the manuscript right here."

Miss Snark stared at the foot high stack. "Why don't you just email it to me?" She made a mental note to delete any email from this hick.

He tucked his manuscript away and nodded to the door. "Well, go on then."

Miss Snark grasped the door handle and pushed the door open. Dust blew out at her, and she had to turn away. When she returned her gaze to the inside of the barn, a horrified shriek escaped her lips.

"Yes, Mr. Clooney." Barbara Bauer grinned. "I can sell your book for you. All I need is a little retainer."

The idea! the very notion!
Miss Snark IS overcome!
Where are her smelling salts!


GutterBall said...

Ha! The Return of the Serial Scrubber!

...Or is that redundant? A sequel to a serial? Hmmm....

Southern Writer said...


Anonymous said...

But where's the word "enterprise?"