Red Letter Writing Contest #3

Starship Enterprise, Captain's Log, Stardate 3615.6:

Captain Jane Snarkaway smoothed down the lines of her crisp uniform, a cool sweat barely marking her marble-white brow. It had been a narrow escape, but the dragoon sent by the Borg hadn't succeeded in their evil attempts to imprison the entire crew of the Enterprise and turn them into alien retainers. The strains of Strauss's "Blue Danube" floated through her mind like the soft ghost of James Kirk sleepwalking through the galaxy, and she sipped her gin thoughtfully and recalled the day she had overcome the efforts of the all-male cabal to prevent her from becoming the first female pilot of the grandest ship in the universe.

"Home, Killer Yap," she murmured, and leaned back to let the sweet memories overtake her…the triumphs… the bittersweet moments… the doomed love affair with a half-Vulcan movie star who had been the only man to capture her heart… but she knew that nothing could eclipse the triumph of this, her passion, her vocation: that siren song from across the Milky Way, that urged her to abandon family and home, to traverse the skies, to go where no woman has gone before… a novel way to spend a life, surely, but what was it they said about destiny? Go find your destiny, even if it takes you all the way to Mercury… well, she'd done that and more – and she'd discovered that while women did come from Venus, men most certainly did not come from Mars.

KY deducts points for not p=ing in the right place-it's Killer YAPP


Dave Fragments said...

Actually it's not the ghost of James Kirk, it's the time traveling disembodied intelligence (all three active neurons) of James Kirk wandering the fourth dimension lost in a plot of no consequence.

McKoala said...

Trekkies unite!

Don't deduct too much KY, this one's good...

GutterBall said...

And all this time, I thought he had four active neurons. He must have lost one after the tribble debacle. Or maybe the terrarium full of falling, mind-altering omelettes.

Tribble debacle. That's just fun to say aloud. Try it!

Nancy Beck said...


You've got a point there, hee hee.

This is a really good one, Miss Snark. Are you going to submit it to a fan fic site?