Red Letter Writing Contest #37

The odor of war hung in the air, like the pestilence of the damned. The lawyers of the warring countries, kept on retainer during many years of negotiations, had come to the conclusion there was only one way to establish peace and avoid bloodshed.

The lost Book of Agentia must be restored to its proper place or all would be lost. Princess Strauss, accompanied by Captain Crispin (known to his devoted crew as ‘The Golden Crisp’) prepared to set sail on the dangerous journey through the cold Sea of Slush to find the great book of truth. Unknown to them at the time, a cabal from Rabbitania had discovered their plans and sent their dragoons to notify the evil Empress of Iilaa.

The Empress knew the truth written in the lost book would undermine her enterprise of subversion and greed. She ordered her fleet to find the princess’ ship and destroy it before the book could be found.

As the two fleets battled each other, the Empress gloated as her ships overwhelmed her enemy, until only the flagship of Princess Strauss remained afloat; battered and adrift.

As she ordered her cannons to prepare for the final salvo, a great power from beneath the sea was about to intervene. The Empress had chosen the worst place in the world to make
her stand and the great white Snark was hungry for revenge. Soon she would learn there are fates worse than death.

wait a second here, whaddaya mean "great white Snark"???


Dave Fragments said...

Imagine the nightmare of Robert Shaw showing up as captain instead of George Clooney.

Jaws versus Storm, indeed.

And isn't "The odor of war hung in the air, like the pestilence of the damned." Just a teeny-tiny, wee little bit overwrought?

McKoala said...

Don't you tan, Miss S?

susan said...

Some info dumping, but understandably necessary due to the word restriction. Nice.

Sam said...

Oh no, my keyboard is covered with coffee! This should have a warning on it.
Spurt Alert.
Too funny!