Red Letter Writing Contest #41

God save our gracious Snark
Long live our noble Snark,
God save Miss Snark!
Stilettos victorious,
Gin pails most glorious,
Long to reign with Killer Yapp:
God save Miss Snark!

O may our Snark arise,
Strike down foul enterprise,
And crush agent scams:
Confound their retainer-ics,
Frustrate their knavish tricks,
With your friends Strauss and Crisp:
Snark save us all!

Thy sharpest words in store
On IILAA be pleased to pour;
(Big slug of gin);
Long you work for your cause,
Wrong words; bad tense and clause
You love us with all our flaws
God save Miss Snark!

Not in this blog alone,
Be Miss Snark's mercies known,
In writers’ lore!
Lord make all writers see,
That we a cabal should be,
And form one family,
Under Miss Snark!

From every agent foe,
From the rank dragoon’s blow,
God save Miss Snark!
George, your fair hand extend,
For all our sakes’ defend,
Your ever-loving friend,
God save Miss Snark!

Dear Dog in heaven, Miss Snark feels a corgi snapping at her ankles!

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