Red Letter Writing Contest #48

"I still say CCR is probably the best band ever," Woodthorpe declared.

"Are you still on that?" Wankleburn asked.

"It's true. If they got as much PR as the Stones--"

"Listen, more and frequenter PR is effective for a while, but eventually--"

"Does this tundra go on forever?" Woodthorpe asked. "We should have taken a cab."

"Allow me to point out that we're in the middle of nowhere, idiot," Wankleburn replied.

"Every idea I've come up with, you've either reviled it or insulted me."

"Cabs don't come to the tundra. Now quit whining and keep walking."

"Where are we going, exactly?"

"I figure our only hope is to join an orchestra."


"Sure. That's what Greta did. Remember Greta? In Erie?"

"But she played the bassoon, Wankleburn. We don't play anything."

"Nonsense, Woodthorpe, I play the skin flute, and I happen to know you're quite proficient at fingering the organ."

This is what happens when you allow drilling in the Arctic.


Dave Fragments said...

reminds me of a few coworkers from West Viginia...

Anonymous said...

The mention of CCR reminded me that Bad Moon Rising is getting a lot of airplay tonight.

Plus, I had "Frankenstein" cranked up full blast in my Corolla at the bank drive-through while in my Edith Prickley costume.

I love the radio on Halloween.

And boys... I don't think you can play those instruments on the radio.

verification: bzeefnks. WTF?

McKoala said...


Great dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Ingenious. I was about to comment that none of the words was used. Then I looked more closely and found all six of them hidden within the text. For instance, crisp is in line one. Nicely done, author.

susan said...

Yes, very clever. And with such short notice!