Red Letter Writing Contest #6

"Grouchie Poodle, Pooping Dragoon", a two-part miniseries (there were images but blogger pooped out on them)

Pupu Strauss, a great composer of the ancient Cabal Dynasty, decides to give his magical pen, the Purple Destiny, to his treasured disciple, Miss Snark. When the pen is stolen by a gal named Big Red and taken into the future, it is up to Miss Snark to retrieve it.

She is accompanied by the village's apron-only-wearing chef, Clooney, her childhood sweetheart to whom she lost her innocence over a plate of his crisp roasted pig skins during their coming-of-age ceremony performed in front of a herd of grouchie poodles. Chef Clooney, though, has a secret magical item of his own, the Pooping Dragoon. Fresh dragoon poop can
give you powers of time travel.

After arduous attempts to coax the pigeon to move its bowel, out of frustration, chef Clooney barbeques the damned bird. Upon finishing the last bite of the meat and licking the salty juices off of each other’s fingers, Miss Snark and chef Clooney are suddenly thrust into the I.I.L.A.A. Enterprise – a spaceship of the future full of shady aliens and a captain named Queer E. After a narrow escape, they find themselves chasing Big Red into a present-day high school musical, complete with slutty cheerleaders, horny jocks, and an unassuming nerd wearing a retainer and an oversized pocket protector.

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Miss Snark is ..well...words fail her.


Dana Y. T. Lin said...

We want images! We want images!

M. G. Tarquini said...

Isn't it aprong?

Dave said...

This is so weird and strange.

McKoala said...

Top synoopsies.

~Nancy said...

Fresh dragoon poop can
give you powers of time travel.

I lost it at this line. Thank goodness I wasn't sucking on a beverage at the time.