28 hours to Pynchon

What? You're not counting the hours?
You aren't planning to rush into St. Marks bookshop on the stroke of midnight on Monday?
And you call yourself a reader???
I think not.

Even that hardboiled practitioner of the crime novel Ian Rankin is a Pynchon fan.

There's a reason the crapometer isn't Thanksgiving week; this is it.

Thank you Miss Davis for the link


Ken Boy said...

Is that KY's picture at the HHCOM? KY looks like a Bichon Frise, not a poodle.

I knew it all along. The tam was a dead giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a parallel universe where Pynchon was never born and an unknown writer was trying to interest agents in Gravity's Rainbow today: What are the chances it would be published (as is)?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else read Michiko Kakutani’s review of “Against the Day” in the Times?