Always send the best

Dear Miss Snark:

An agent with a huge, reputable agency has reviewed my query letter and is now interested in reading three chapters of my mystery novel. The email requesting this sample arrived the same day as one from a well known mystery author (whose writing I respect) strongly advising me to rework the plot structure of said novel. Because no agent who has read a sample has asked to represent the book as it now stands, my instinct is to rework it before submitting to Super Agent. Should I wait and send the re-worked chapters, or stick with my first version and mail it off? Any advice?

I'd rather get a novel that I can sell than one I can't. If you can make it better before I read it, do it. Of course, you email Agent Huge N. Reputable and share your evil plan. You do NOT have to keep updating with progress reports. Rewrite, send, sign.

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