In the bottom margin of a form rejection letter, an editor from the X-Review added this verbatim: "Thanks for the Submission! I enjoyed reading it and hope you submit more!"

The exclamation points are the editor's.

Now, my question: am I correct is assuming that the editor would only write this to someone whose work they really did throughout enjoy and it's not just some off-hand comment in hope I will not hold any malice toward the editor? I mean, they don't write that kind of stuff to every submission they get, no matter how bad it is, right?

I never do hold malice, but this is the first rejection I've ever gotten from a magazine that had a hand written note of encouragement on it. I am just excited and want to know if I feel encouraged for the right reason.

If it's true that the X-Review editor really did like my work, those two sentences of have made my year.

Editors and Agents do not encourage bad writers to submit anything especially "more". Ever. You may take this exactly the way you hope: encouragement. Good job.


Anonymous said...

Channeling Martha Stewart: "It's a good thing."

Chumplet said...

That's great for you, writer. It's a wonderful day when you get an encouraging rejection. Keeps ya goin'.

Snowfie said...

I got a rejection once years ago with a hand written note....to change the ink in my printer because it was too light to read.


Desperate Writer said...

See?! Now THAT'S on the track of the kind of rejection letters I aspire to. :) I don't even require the enthusiasm of exclamation points.

Anonymous said...

I do use the "enjoyed reading" line when I don't want to offend people even if I didn't like a piece. But I would NEVER EVER EVER invite a writer to submit more if I didn't actually want to see more--it would have to have been near the mark for me to make a comment like that.

Betsy Dornbusch said...

They say positive rejections just get you one step closer to acceptances. I know it's true from the editor side of the table.

Adrian Weston said...

I would never ever invite resubmission if I didn't mean it.

A very good sign, whichever way you look at it.

Termagant 2 said...

An agent I trust told me my recent rejection with "please consider us for any future projects" was in earnest. I asked him if they were just "making nice." He replied editors don't have time to make nice.

Well done, writer...keep on it!