Carnivorous Agents

Miss Snark,

How do I go about finding an agent who is a vegetarian or supporter of animal rights? I've been told (by three agents) that I will need a fierce advocate for my own beliefs as an advocate for my (I know you don't like the word, but . . . ) memoir, which has a perverse tone.

ahhh..you're reading past "no". Stop.
What you need is an agent who thinks you write well and wants to sell your stuff.
All that advice from agents saying no is crap. It's why THEY said no, not why anyone else is going to say YES. You need YES.

Go to the places that list agents. Find the ones that sell memoir. Be prepared to hear a lot of NO.

Agents are perfectly capable of representing carnivorous cat killers even if they are vegan poodle people. Agents who ARE carnivorous cat haters can sell your memoir as well.

Keep querying.


JoshM said...

However, there is one kind of diet you definately do not want your agent to have: http://shop.gawker.com/images/agent.jpg

nut said...

Okay, WARNING: don't go to that site if you are drinking.

Poor joshm, now you've got to replace so many t-shirts...

Anonymous said...

For my memoir, I sent queries to 115 agents, sent out 30 proposals. I knew it wasn't my writing, as many of the "nos" were very complimentary and I had gotten a professional critique before I ever sent out the first one. I just kept plugging away, sending queries and building platform. Finally #115 said yes! (And, she at a very well known, well respected, mid-sized agency.) She did not have me rewrite one word, submitted to 10 editors and 2 liked it enough to make offers. We're in that process now. Elapsed time: 2 years.

r louis scott said...

Literary agents that are vegetarians or animal rights activists? Isn't that going to narrow the field a bit?

Kim Stagliano said...

Anyone know of a literary agent with a child/grandchild/favorite niece or nephew with autism? My rejections recently have been quite complimentary to my writing, and even offered edit advice -- but of course are still NO. I even got a detailed "reader report" from an agent to whom I was referred by one of her authors. It's like GOLD to me! And while it's a no, I hope it means I'm getting closer to yes. And every edit suggestion has made the MS BETTER which is amazing and wonderful.

I have thank you notes going out tomorrow. The last item in our Christmas stockings as kids was a box of thank you notes. Thanks, Mom!

Now it's off to Church for us.


Anonymous said...

try Mary Ann Naples. She says on the website that she likes things vegetarian.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Folks, you can't select your agent based upon them having a connection or deep understanding of what you're writing about. The key, no matter how you turn it, must first be forged by good writing. Otherwise you're trying to do the same as many other new writers who feel the system is against newbies and seek out agencies that claim they're open to new writers. Instead, they more often than not run into the hands of scammers.

So, if you're not getting attention from agents or commercial trade publishers, consider rewriting what you're offering to them before limiting your choices among agents and publishers.

Anonymous said...

I would also suggest Mary Ann Naples at the Creative Culture agency. A very successful agent, whose beliefs I think would be very much in line with yours. Good luck!