Crapometer-not quite the industry bible you think

Dearest Miss Snark,

Like thousands of other Snarklings, I long to enter the approaching Crapometer. Even if my hook doesn't grab you, I would at least enjoy the chance to discover what doesn't work about it. I have December 15 circled with a gin pail ring on my calendar. (uhh....I think I said around or after, didn't I??)


The novel I want to enter in the C-o-M is destined for the April '07 NYC Pitch and Shop Conference, where I will have the opportunity to *shudder* verbally pitch to four acquiring editors at Really Big Publishing Houses (Berkley, Tor, S&S, Doubleday, etc.). I hope to learn a lot there, and possibly net myself a full request, maybe even an agent, as Algonkian offers agent introductions for those who manage to generate editor enthusiasm at the conference.

My paranoid nitwit question, then, is this: if, by chance, my hook should prove sharp enough to snag, and pages are requested, will this affect the upcoming conference? I know there are a lot of connections in publishing, and biz folks read industry blogs like yours all the time. Will an editor see this (again, hedging on the slim chance I get that far) and think, "Oh, you've already shared with Miss Snark and her dedication. I'm not going to look at this."?

Or, as is likely, will they have forgotten it, as it will be just one more excerpt in the ocean?

Thank you!
Your devoted Snarkling who really, really wants your opinion :-)

I absolutely flat out guarantee you that no editor or agent reads the Crapometer. They have their own slush pile to plow through. The Crapometer is almost exclusively read by writers and Killer Yapp looking for new ideas to vanquish the Evil Army of the Squirrel.

Even if I'm wrong, which I'm not, no one will care if you've run your work through the CoM. They won't remember, they won't care, they won't read it. Rock solid guarantee.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Pitch and Shop, I'm wondering if anyone has ever been or if the great and Oz-like Miss Snark has any advice about this particular conference. It seems like a great opportunity, but it's pricey.

Elektra said...

I get this at the COM sometimes--people want a crit, but are afraid editors will see it (Note: not possible. I guarantee no industry officials go there). It almost always boils down to: the advice (to them) isn't worth the worry.

Anonymous said...

If they do by some odd coincidence read the crapometer, it's a good thing. If you get that far, they'll know Miss Snark knew it didn't suck, which is always praise enough to take a further look themselves.

BuffySquirrel said...

Look, it's not an army, all right? It's just a loose coalition of like-minded squirrels. With guns.