Dreaded Form Email

Yes, Miss Snark spent a goodly portion of her holiday hosing out the email inbox. It was either that or supervise KY on cleanup crew with Grandmother Snark. Watching those two snarl at each other about how to properly clean the gravy boat is more than anyone should ever be required to see.

Thus many of you who emailed before 11/1/200whateveryearitisnow got this:

The dreaded form email...sorry.

I'm cleaning out my email back log.
Yours is one that's getting the ax.

Feel free to resend if the question hasn't already been answered in another post, or in the Snarkives.

Short questions are always best.

And thanks for reading the blog!


There are still 87 messages left plus a few from October.


Marcom said...

I recommend a strong disinfectant! (for your email inbox, not your gravy boats.) I like to mix ammonia and bleach together myself, inhaling with deep, cleansing breaths...

JPD (yet another nitwit hauled-off to the dump, along with all of the compacted Tanquary pallets and spent clue-gun cartridges.)

Soni said...

Question - do you have some super-agent trick for sending this out en masse to all to-be-deleted emails? If so, would you please let me know how to do that?

Or are you opening, replying, pasting and sending one at a time? *shudder*

Miss Snark said...

There is an email program that allows me to send mass emails. It's MS Office/Entourage, using "groups" in the mail program.

Miss Snark does not use that for the blog.
Everyone who got deleted got an individual email. It was a form letter, but you weren't bcc'd on it.

Soni said...

Thanks. That clears things up a bit. Although I can't imagine what cutting and pasting 70+ emails would do to my carpal tunnel. :-)

For my own work (I'm a copywriter who has some recurring newsletter editor/writer gigs and manage an online informational site/forum, among other things), I create email "signatures" of commonly sent text or chunks of text (FAQs, fixes to common problems, generic replies, etc). Along with my regular business sigs, I can create a "custom" email responding to frequently addressed issues or situations with a few "insert signature" clicks, with the occasional message-specific additions or subtractions. Saves me untold wear and tear on the tender tendons, although even with this shortcut, responding to 70 or so at once would still be a challenge for them.

I bow before your superior tendonaciousness. They, like your spine and heels, must be solid adamantite :-D