Here's why you haven't heard back-2

Rachel Vater is very very smart.
You'd be damn lucky to secure her as your agent.
Pay attention to what she says.


BuffySquirrel said...

Many have tried but few are chosen :D.

Nicole Reising said...

Ok, I think you've proven to me either I'm extremely slow, or I'm the eternal optimist, 'cause as I read these reasons, I keep finding myself thinking... So, I still have a chance? Awesome! :)

Eileen said...

Rachel Vater is a goddess among agents and worthy of her very own gin pail for all her hard work.

magolla said...

Well, crap, I guess I'm one of the 500 piling up in her inbox. I would love to spark her interest, but I'm one of those insecure pathetic writers who is a pessimist at heart. Guess I won't hold my breath any longer as my face is turning a lovely shade of purple-black.

Anonymous said...

I think the real reason behind the "agent don't get back to me blues" is the simple fact that the slush pile provides about 1% of an agent's new client list, if that.

It's pretty much unspoken, but the manuscripts at the top of the list getting read are the ones recommended to the agent by other clients, friendly editors at top magazines or publishing houses, esteemed writers and writing professors, over the transom submissions by writers with well-reviewed previous books, celebrity chefs, and the few they've approached at conferences and convenience stores.

Whenever I've had the benefit of one of these "byes" I've gotten thoughtful letters in response within a couple of weeks, tops. When I've had to join my friends in the slush, the answer comes back in anywhere from ten minutes to...never.

Good writing trumps all? Perhaps. But it never hurts to develop good contacts. As a top muckety muck in the record biz once told me about the secret to getting an appointment with him, "If you're not good enough to find someone who knows me to recommend you, then you're not good enough for me to waste my time."

Eileen said...

Hi Anon- I'm a client of the divine Miss Vater. She found me in the slush and I know of at least three other of her writers who are fellow slush picks. Sure connections never hurt- but it isn't the golden ticket that everyone thinks it is. They read their queries and base on that. A connection MAY get you read more quickly- but that is it.