I wanna be in pictures!

Dear Miss Snark:

Six months ago I signed with an agent with a website. The agent has sent my manuscript to the top publishing houses. Listed on the website were about 80 names. It was clear that the lists of clients was a bit old. Recently, the agent revised the website, scaled down the list of clients to about fifty. My name was not there. Do agents list only their PUBLISHED authors? Should I be concerned that my name is not there, after all, I'm still not an AUTHOR, but I am a client. My agent is also very good at letting me know the status of my novel when I have asked via email (an I have practiced restraint and am writing novel #2)

A client list on a website is NOT the same thing as the agent's data base of clients.

The client list is up there so people know what kind of work an agent has sold.
Putting unsold work up there defeats the purpose.


Anonymous said...

I might be wrong but, sounds like someone wants to be a "star."

I know I want to, can I have my star first before my book gets published. Note to self: must write book...:P

Anonymous said...

The waters get murky when you become an ex-client. Books sold, but she's removed my name.

Jane said...

A friend of mine got taken by a scammer agency, and they put her name up immediately when she was signed. That was one of the first red flags, as it made everyone wonder just how many of those other clients' work had been sold.

lizzie26 said...

It's not always scammers who put the name up immediately. There are reputable agencies who do put up a client's name before any of their books get picked up by a publisher.