Literary Press and Magazine Directory

Despite the horrendous oversight in not including Miss Snark among the advice givers (harumph) herewith the Literary Press and Magazine Directory.

I haven't seen it yet but if Claire likes it, it's good for me.

I wonder if they'll have a copy lying about this weekend at Lit Mag Lollapalooza?


Richard Nash said...

Hi Miss Snark:

I'd love to send you one, only I can't because I don't know who you are! But they can be purchased on softskull.com and, while they won't be at the LitMag gig, we should have a couple at the Soft Skull table at the Small Press Fair Dec 2-3 on West 44th (check www.smallpress.org for details...)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the heads up! I wish I had known it existed earlier, but better late than never. I have yet to find a good site for searching through the lit journals. WritersMarket.com would be great if its search engine worked.