Miss Snark receives a query from South Park

This is a dandy little time waster for those of you stuck on plot points, the arrival of aliens in chapter 14 or any other thing you need a break from.

Lisa is to blame for sending this to me. Let's gang up on her.


p.n.Elrod said...

That's where I got my favorite webpage,


and made a visit to South Park m'self: http://p-n-elrod.livejournal.com/16465.html

Love those guys!

Anonymous said...

Ah, what a blast. Thanks for sharing.

Brady Westwater said...

It took awhile but I finally got Stetsoned, Proust reading, gun fighter dressed in black. Now all I need to do is to find a way to get him to write tomorrow's Op-Ed piece.

Lisa McMann said...

That mask is perfect :)

Anonymous said...

What a lady of mystery!

See you at the next Marde Gras!!!

~Nancy said...

That was fun! I made me a Martian hick, smoking on a ciggie, holding his trusty light saber and chainsaw.

Mwhaha...be afraid, be very afraid... ;-)


Terry said...

Oh, dog, and I thought my husband was the only one who'd actually go out of his way (ok, our son, too) to visit SP. He even uses the picture of himself there as his Yahoo IM avatar.

Thanks to Miss Snark for providing the link--it's a great birthday present for my two guys.

Anonymous said...

Bad News: There goes another otherwise productive two hours.

Good News: I now have all the characters I need for my next novel.