Red Letter Challenge -update

Three days later-No Barbara Bauer!

When someone asks me what I've sold lately, it doesn't take me three days to answer.
I wonder why Barbara Bauer won't put those terrible Scammer Flim Flammer rumors to rest.

You'd think with her own YouTube video she'd want to do damage control.

I know she's reading this. Her podcast mentioning "dragoon" had to come from here

Come on out Barbara! You've missed the lava lamps and the pocket fisherman but I'm sure we can find a prize for you three days later. Maybe...this


NitWitness said...

Is it okay to use pocket fisherman and trouser trout in the same sentence?

Anonymous said...

then maybe you can explain what, exactly, a "dragoon of agents" is.


that was the only interesting thing about the whole barbara bauer exercise... okay, maybe her accent too.

i've got a writer-sized imagination but can't figure out how dragoon means "more than one."

Southern Writer said...

Interesting blog tonight.

Tip-toes away.

ver: hohkjrt
Doesn't spell a thing, but the letters are red and bold, and look really pissed off.

Kate Thornton said...

The painting is wonderful - we need extras for Holiday gifts to certain nitwits in our own circle...

Just Me said...

Hmmm. Maybe too quiet, kemosabe. Perhaps she's busy planning to:

a) Blow up the universe;
b) Fold the Bauer Agency and reincarnate under another identity;
c) Slither through Central Park armed with a deathly cackle, looking for poodles with pink tams.

magz said...

And in THIS corner, we have the heavily backed Miss Snark, the odds on favorite.
Matched with the Dark Donkey Baby-Babs,
all bets are in. Windows have closed.
It's PostTime

(Sorry, I couldnt call her a Dark Horse.. that's an insult to horses everywhere)

GVDub said...

I believe Ms. Bauer is aiming in the general direction of "dragoon" as verb transitive, in particular the second definition of such as offered by the 1913 Webster:

" 2. To compel submission by violent measures; to harass; to persecute."

Note, by the way, how often Miss Snark tries to compel us to submit our work to reputable agents. If the stiletto heel fits...