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Sufficiently terrified of Miss Snark on a tear?
Suddenly hoping December falls off the calendar?

Too late!

The Happy Hooker Crapometer has its own blog.
Info will be corralled there, in one happy place for all and sundry to visit.

Email questions to Miss Snark as usual. Put "crapometer Q" or similar designation in the subject line so I can sort the mail swiftly and cruelly.

Now, it's time for gin.
And Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which is one of the best non-Mr. Clooney movies I've seen in some time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Snarkwits,

I love Miss Snark and Robert Downey Junior and even Val Kilmer when he's not coming off as a total jerk. I love George Clooney's politics but his Batman was suck-town and I wish that Miss Snark would remove his ugly mug off her site and replace it with mine. (I've asked her to do so but she just flirtatiously calls me a nitwit and then deletes my comments, which is totally a mixed message.) Yes, Miss Snark is a Saint (Saint Snarkikus) but her taste in movies blows. KISS, KISS, BANG BANG is crap. Confusing and WTF? Do NOT rent! That movie was so disjointed, it KILLED MY FATHER. He had a brain aneuryim trying to sort out the plot points. Clooney in OUT OF SIGHT is a much better netflix rental. I don't know why this post got me so excited. I'm going back to the rec room now. They've got finger paints. Yay!


Miss Snark said...

ok, well, I liked Out of Sight a lot, but it's in a Mr. Clooney is IN it class, not available to mere mortals.

RDJ can act though, damn straight.

Gina Black said...

RDJ is brilliant just about always... and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was brilliant.

(who only gets one adjective until she's had her tea)

Anonymous said...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was lovely, apart from the fact that Robert Downey Jr was a good 15 years older than the age part was written for... a contemporary with Bridget Moynihan. It should have been Zach Braff or similar - young enough for the naivete to be acceptable, and to make that 'I remember you from high school' conversation slightly less than absurd.

Anonymous said...

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was an awesome movie. I all but cracked my jaw laughing. It's one I'll buy and watch over and over.

Samus said...

How was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang a difficult movie? It just made an old formula fun. And it explained itself as it went.

It really was such a delicious little movie.

Corn Dog said...

Miss Snark - PLEASE put the comments back in full window. I hate this tiny popup and I cannot make my MAC enlarge the font - crucial for the vision impaired (moi). I'm missing hilarious and important comments. I keep thinking you will reset this blasted dragoon but you don't. PUH-LEEEEEEEZE!

v word: exqpxg expuge this comment pop up dragoon. Words are so much fun to misuse - no need to learn a foreign language when I can simply abuse English or a derivative thereof

bad vision day; 2nd v word: anzpijzj

Corn Dog said...

Ok, nevermind, Miss Snark. I got on Firefox per your suggestion. Thanks.

Jude Calvert-Toulmin said...

I like the idea of having another blog for the crapometer. It looks good too. That particular layout is one of the classier ones. Nice one! :)