Slushy Confessions

Dear Miss Snark ~

Some while back, when I was much more clueless, I submitted a novel to a publishing house that accepts un-agented submissions. My manuscript was promptly rejected - but this was a good thing, as it needed some serious revisions. That done, now I am seeking an agent.

Which leads me to my question. Said revisions were quite extensive, plus I changed the title. My question is: given the book's revisions and title change, IF an agent expresses interest in it, is it kosher for me to *omit* mention of my (rejected) self-submission? Or is that considered really bad author-agent relations?

The only reason I'm asking this question is the publishing house to which I self-submitted is quite prominent, so if I got extremely lucky, my hoped-for agent might consider sending my book there. What I don't know is if trying to self-submit has already sunk this book's chance, with that publisher.

Chances are your book never made it to an editor's desk. Chances are the intern who read it is now busily sussing out the best lunch spots at another publishing house.

It won't hurt to mention this foray through the Slush Pile, particularly couched in the "just so you know" vein but you ONLY need to do it if an agent expresses interest. You can leave those pesky details till after she's fallen for your deathless prose and can't live without you on her list.


Robert M said...

"In my slush pile confessions
where I tell all the world I'm a writer
In my slush pile confessions
where I say all the things I ought'er..."

Anonymous said...

Wow, my question survived your recent email box hosing! :-) Thank you so much, Miss Snark. That was just one of the little points of etiquette that I didn't want to inadvertantly screw up, so thank you for clearing up potential nitwittery.

Heh, and thank you for the poetical quote, Robert! *chortle*
Cheers ~

G. Atwater

Sister_Clamp said...

Thank Christ for that! FINALLY, I have finished reading all the Snarkives. Needless to say, my writing was in the doldrums during those frantic days. But now--refreshed, revitalised, privately embarrassed by all the faux-pas I have unwittingly perpetrated (oh God, did I really email PDFs to somebody? Seppuku! Instantly!)--I am ready to bounce back and give the world what-for.

DH (J, hereafter) and I love the blog and discuss it often over breakfast as I cannily attempt to breach the citadel of publication from my feeble mobile catapult (i.e. we move around a lot, usually from continent to continent).

Avast, fellow Snarklings! I join our mutual adventure. Har-de-har.


kathie said...

Your question answers mine(slight variation as I had an agent submit to a small number of editors)--one of those flushed down the toilet of Snark-Central! Glad you asked yours.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Kathie! :-)

And someone hand Sister_Clamp a pail of gin, if she just finished reading the entire Snarkives! LOL!

(Though she should be thoroughly de-nitwitted, now.) ;-)

~ G. Atwater

Robert M said...

G. Atwater:

I think my age is showing. Miss Snark's headline for this entry reminded me of The Grass Roots' song, "Midnight Confessions" and I couldn't help myself with a bit of running off at the lyrics.

Best of luck with your submission!