Thankfully I'd oiled and primed the Clue Blunderbuss

Dear Miss Snark,

Are you accepting clients at this time?

I accept condolences, greetings, the occasional twenty dollar bill, and a lot of grief from Killer Yapp about dawdling in the park when the squirrels need to be chased.

Clients however are unacceptable.
oh wait, that came out wrong.

Clients are wooed, read, sought, and signed.

If you are trying to ask if you may query Miss Snark, well, the instructions are to the right.
If you have trouble reading them here they are:

Send an SASE to UrAnitwit@wtf.comma

We'll get back to you if we're interested in your work.


Elektra said...

Miss Snark has no list of clients. Miss Snark has no listing anywhere. Miss Snark has no sales. Miss Snark has no mailing address. Miss Snark has no phone number. Miss Snark has no first name.

All of these are things you should be looking for in an agent.

M. G. Tarquini said...

We all heart Miss Snark, but Miss Snark exists only on this blog. And in a variety of virtual watering holes located on Rabbitania's upper east side, just west of Blogland.

Nick said...

Keep querying. If you get lucky, you will get Miss Snark as an agent. However, you'll probably never know it.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

So long as Miss Snark isn't the agent who returned my query for a commercial fiction manuscript with the hand-written message, "Thanks, but I only accept commercial fiction," she can be my agent and never let me know it.

BradyDale said...

I checked, while wtf.com is taken, uranitwit.com is not.
I really think you ought to snag it and host your blog there. I think that would be hilarious.

Corn Dog said...

The question that won't die. It and the SASE question should get married, have punction and spelling babies that run up and down the blog and break all the furniture.

David said...

Interestingly, there is a site at http://www.wtf.com. The site has an interesting icon, too.

Wiley said...

Um, excuse me but, how is a person supposed to send an SASE via email? It can't be done. I suspect a serious mistake has been made here.

Miss Snark said...

Yes, that's right. A very serious mistake. But not the one you think.

CarrieMonster said...

I heart people who don't read comments.

Or people who do and don't seem to get it... oh goodness!

Wiley said...

Wait... I think I may have stumbled upon a way to do this. Using the secret technology of Bocephus (described in his song, "Fax Me a Beer," we may be able to make this work. Faxes are electronic technology and beer, like an SASE, is a material object. Seems it wouldn't be too difficult to make this work.