Thanks for a non-form e-rejection

Dear Miss Snark,

I have a small, nitwittish question regarding e-queries. (I know, Your Snarkiness does not deign to take e-queries, but let's take this hypothetically.) If I were to send an e-query and recieve a personalized rejection (as opposed to a form letter), would it ever be alright for me to toss the agent a short, quick, "I understand. Thank you again for your time"? Does that sound like you're trying to suck up to them, or is it just taken as a courtesy? Or is it completely ignored?


It's never out of line to thank someone for their time. Put "thank you" in the subject line so you don't get a form email back of course.

It's perfectly fine to NOT write a thank you as well. Every thing you don't send is one less thing to read and with the volume of email here (let alone at agencies that take e-queries) that's a good thing.

And for dogs sake don't ask questions along with the thank you (not that you would of course). That makes it NOT a thank you; that makes it a pita.


LadyBronco said...

I am thinking it would be better for everyone if the 'thank you for your time' was written into the query, or, if pages are requested, with whatever type of cover letter is being included along with those pages.
Saves the busy agent time, and saves the writer time as well.

ORION said...

When I was querying and I got a personal note after a full or partial read, I always emailed back a short thank-you for the agent's time and feedback.
(And yes I put THANKYOU in the subject line)
One agent in particular wrote me a wonderful note about my writing. When I finally met him at a conference later, I was able to let him know how much impact that short note had on my writing. It gave me hope. It was what motivated me to go on and pursue my dream after so many rejections.
I was able to thank him in person and tell him I successfully obtained representation. I think it was cool for him to realize taking those few extra minutes made a huge difference in a writer's life.

Elektra said...

I once wrote "thanks or the laugh" to an agent who had written a joke on my query...

Devoted Snarkling-in-Training said...

Ah. That makes sense.

Thank you for answering, Miss Snark. :)

Kimber An said...

I always write a thank you for personal notes and partial-reads too, and I always write thanks in the subject line so they don't have to read the whole thing out of morbid curiousity. Really, my rejections have been so helpful in my growth as a writer. I think it's all in how we choose to look at them.

nessie said...

I have a couple of times and interesting enough at times would even get a RESPONCE that was a little more detailed than the usual form letter. Thats always nice to have a variety of feed back... ;)