Crapometer Question #5

Dear Miss Snark,

I'm getting ahead of myself here, but when that magical and terrifying day comes I intend to send you the first 250 words of my novel. They don't mention the main characters, only vaguely suggest the setting and give nothing away. I hope, however, that they're pretty hook-y. That's not the issue. You'll agree or not. I'll get snarked at (or not). The problem is that should I win the lottery, find a new route to the East Indies and have the first 750 words requested by Her High Snarkiness, would you want that section plus another 750, or just the next 500-and-a-bit?

750 words. It's a whole new post.


Anonymous said...

This writer refers to sending the first 250 words of his novel, but the "hook" should be any 250 words that drum up interest in the story. They do not actually have to appear in the novel itself at any point. Right?

Anonymous said...

Ten bucks says more than half of us manage to come in at exactly 250 words. Anyone care to wager?