Crapometer question #6

Jane Dystel is quoted in Katharine Sands MAKING THE PERFECT PITCH as saying, "All those query letters that go out over the Internet to four million people - those are automatic 'no's.' I read one paragraph and think: everybody in the world has just gotten this letter. I'm not going to spend any more time on it."

Does that go for blogs too, or are the queries she's referring to being posted somewhere else?

Thanks. Just getting nervous. My chances are already slim to none for representation. Will sending my words to the COM jeopardize my chances with an agency?

Those query letters aren't being posted. They're sent. Those are those bulk email places that promise they will target a select 5000 agents who are perfect for your book for the low low price of sixhundredsomethings.

No agent is reading the crapometer. Tthey've seen it all, already.

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