Crapometer Questions 2

I figure it's better to be safe than sorry:

If you include the title, genre, and word count, does that count in the 250 word limit? Or is that outside of the hook?

Outside the word count. Don't get cute though. No "compelling riveting tale of 250000 words that will leave mystery readers clawing at the shelves for more".

All hyperbole is reserved for Miss Snark's snarcomments.


Kim Stagliano said...

Janet Evanovich is on Trashionista today. Asked to describe TWELVE SHARP her response is: "Some adventure, some cussing, some pizza, some sex and a bunch of good people in Trenton, New Jersey." 17 words and out the door with another best seller.


Anonymous said...

We don't NEED to include the genre and word count, right? (I won't even mention a title, which on mine would be 'Title', anyway.)