Crapometer Questions 3

Dear Miss Snark:

I have re-read your posts on the difference between a synopsis and a hook, but it seems to me at least a small portion of the hook would need to contain some synopsis-type verbiage.

One More Night to Sleep on the Hook

I'm not going to comment on whether it's a hook, book, crook, synopsis or study of thanatosis.

I'm going to comment on whether it's an effective hook. You can write haiku... if it works.


writerdog said...

JESUS FLIPPIN' CHRISTMAS! Are you people paying the SLIGHTEST bit of attention?

Get you head out of your arse, write, and send the DAMN thing.

Continuing to obsess over it and think of every possible scenario and problem and probability and outcome and failure and mistake is a staggering waste of time and demonstrates you are NOT focused on writing and is giving me a headache.


cm allison said...

Miss Snark is high on her stilettos! 'thanatology', haven't see that word used since Heinlein died, which is what will happen to all of us if we don't get it together folks!

(verification word: gawkq, or: staring at Q from Star Trek)

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON Writerdog!


Bernita said...

Was thinking of sending one in rough iambic.
"After the bloody Conquest/
In the northlands, dark and fell/..."
Thought better of it.

Kate Thornton said...

The rough iambic
Of Bernita's smooth prose stops
Now we all think twice