Crapometer Questions %i!(!

Miss Snark:

Does your email server handle italics? If not, what is the best way to format book titles and other terms that would be italicized in print?

Thank you.

My email server eats italics for breakfast.
You can send them but they'll look like !*&!*! to me.
I won't know if it's italic bold or strike through.

Why you need italics in a query letter or a hook is beyond me but I guess we'll find out.


Wendy said...

I believe the old-school method is to put the title all in caps. As in: Dear Miss Snark, may I send you GONE WITH THE WIND for your consideration?

Annie said...

Well, fuck me. I have Italics in a couple of places for word emphasis. Guess I'll ditch 'em.

Uisce said...

I've seen /slashes/ used to indicate italics and *asterisks* to indicate bolding. This was from someone with a journalist background, but seems pretty universally useful.

Marlo said...

When markets want things sent in plain text format, or pasted in a body of an email, you mark italics _like this_. This is so standard, I just write them like that from the get go.

Ray Rhamey, Flogging the Quill said...

One use for italics in a hook or query would be for foreign words, which could be important aspects of a story description.