Crapometer Questions

Dear Miss Snark,

Thank you for doing the Crapometer again. I have read the previous ones and they've been extremely helpful in writing my query. I've been planning to send my hook to the upcoming Crapometer for a while, but two agents finally requested partials last week. Now I am wondering if these agents will be annoyed if they should chance to read my hook on your blog, since they probably read it, like everyone else in publishing. I don't want to reduce my chances, they are small enough as it is. Or am I being paranoid?

No one but writers will read this.
Agents have their own slushpile and truly, you'd have to pay editors a dollar a word to look at this stuff .


JPD said...

$10.99 a word for some bloggers around here!

(the aforementioned) JPD

cm allison said...

Except perhaps for Evil Editor who is looking for more targets to shoot down in his blog
(says she as she offers her head to hold the apple)