Crapometer Status--Tuesday-Day 10...sheesh

that's it for tonight. my average seems to be 40 a day. we've got 215 left to go.

After that, we'll do the pages I've asked for: 48 so far.

I'm ignoring all email other than crapometer topics. I'm saving it, not deleting it, but it's not going up any time soon.


MichaelPH said...

Shouldn't we be doing better than a 10% success rate? I guess I can expect my pages to be looked at by her Royal Snarkiness by the weekend. Can't wait!

Terry said...

48? that many? I wasn't counting (and of course, not all are obvious 'bingos'.

But that seems almost "high" considering most agents report about a 95% rejection rate on queries.

As a group, maybe we're not as hopeless as we seem.

Now, if I can figure out the word verification -- ipzdzmgj.

A Paperback Writer said...

Y'know, I never used to believe in Super Heroes (should be "heroines") until now. In her designer cape, tights, and stilletto heels, the Mighty Snark (with the large S on her attractive bodice, no doubt) spikes through volumes of e-mail in record time, fueled by only gin (and perhaps a few Godiva chocolates), watched over by her faithful sidekick KY....
Cool. If I could draw, I'd try a graphic novel.
Thanks, Miss Snark, for the marvelous holiday writing workshop.

McKoala said...

How was your Christmas?! Was Santa good? New stilettos? More powerful clue gun? Kiss from George? Thanks for continuing to plough through our words of woedom.

Newsandseduction said...

Why you call the world of Writers as 'Hapless?'

Anonymous said...

Holy batcrap, Robin. However can we thank her snarkiness enough?

"my average seems to be 40 a day"

More significant to your sanity might be the 10 an hour average, which seems to be fairly consistent. That's about 45 hours so far and (if the 215 count is accurate) 22 to go. One full all-nighter, or about 3 eight-hour working days.

This is taking up way to much of your time. (Like you didn't already know that).

Here's a virtual gin vat to see you through to New Year's weekend. May this be over by then.

Brady Westwater said...

Day 10... Year 1.

Coming up...

Day 16... Year 2.