Crapometer status--Wednesday!

That's it for tonight.
We're on the cheerful side of 500....a number I was damn glad to see.
We've got 174 more to go.
We're finishing on Saturday come hell or highwater.

Then Im taking a break. Like a week.
I'll clean out the holding pen of questions.

Then the FOLLOWING weekend we'll start on pages and I'll do those on weekends.
I had no idea there'd be this much, and I really will have to get back to work.


M. G. Tarquini said...

We heart you.

Cara said...

I'm not sure if you're a saint or plain nuts. This is really overwhelming but I've learned alot by your comments as well as the peanut galleries.

Thanks! And go to bed!!!!!!

JPD said...

If your boss gives you any flack for falling behind in your day job, you can just blame it on me...

JPD (Patron Saint of Nitwits)

jamiehall said...

You've reached a landmark! 500 hooks is a lot.

Inkwolf said...

You're amazing, Miss Snark! I'm tired just keeping up with the blog and comments!

xiqay said...

Congratulations, Miss Snark, on reaching 500.

And remember, no good deed goes unpunished. (oops)

Wishing you the best in 2007.

McKoala said...

Happy 500! Still reading!

Bartholomew said...

We appreciate it, Miss Snark. :)

Luc2 said...

Will this be the end of the CoM? There must be a way to have a good and meaningful CoM (like this), that won't keep you busy for almost a month. Only first sentences, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

This has been an oasis for me - a few blessed moments of creativity and critique-cal(?)snarkiness - in the annual family sniping.

I cheer at every bingo and commiserate with each WTF. Sad, but true.

So, when's the next c......?

~Nancy said...

I've received quite an education here, enough so that I've tried my hand at writing a hook for my current WIP (using your XYZ template).

My first few attempts are in the blah range, but I'm hopeful!

Thanks, Miss Snark, for keeping at this!

And thanks to all who submitted!


Anonymous said...

A lottery - next year, a lottery. Think Shirley Jackson.

And that way, we can all still learn from a few whole hooks - or non-hooks!