Crapstravangaza clarification

Dear Miss Snark,

I noticed that on the Crapometer blog itself, the rules for entry state that we are supposed to submit a 250 word hook to you, but on the Miss Snark blog post from the announcement on October 4th, the hook wordcount limit is 100.

I just wanted to verify that the hook is allowed to be 250. I would not want to be disqualified for making a simple mistake, I'd rather be disqualified for making a much more complex and stupid mistake.

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

You are wise to ask. Miss Snark delights in disqualifying people left and right if only to indulge her thirst for cruelty to hapless writers.

In fact, it's 250 words in the hook and 750 if you get to send pages. That's the info on the Happy Hooker Crapometer blog and that's the best place for all info on the COM.


Anonymous said...

Can it be shorter than 250 words?
CJ Parker

Anonymous said...

Of course it can be shorter.

And some of us are easier to hook than others. Somone can say "He coughed on the butterfly" is their hook, and I'm hooked. I want to know how the hell he got that close to the butterfly. Miss Snark probably would diss that one though.

This has turned out to be a fantastic excercise. I now have a completely different hook from the one I started out with. At first it was vague and blustry, then it was just a recap of the tense confrontations, then it was just the complex motivations behind the actions, now I don't know what the fuck to write. But I'm having a blast, and it's made me think about some passages (i.e. why are they still in the manuscript, yeah cool word twist and visual, but useless to the book) And since mine's pushing 150,000, I need to cut the crap. This helps.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is fun, aint it?

It’s a riot! Like running off with Miss Snarks private pail of gin on New Years Eve, while wearing a Tiffany lampshade, and skating across Rockefeller plaza in ten inch heels to escape her call of “[sic] - em Killer Yap!”

Anonymous said...

Mine is only 203 words. That's why I asked. Whew. I feel better now.