Cross this off your worry list

Hi, Miss Snark

I'm wondering how things may have changed in terms of the form of what acquisition editors read these days. It was once all paper, but what about today? Are a lot of them reading onscreen? I understand that submissions are often made electronically, but then they might still print out a manuscript for reading.

The point of understanding this is to help we writers craft the best presentation of our stories. And onscreen is different than paper--the font, especially, can make a difference (and I've read your snarkish take on Courier).

Almost everyone I know is reading more on the screen, certainly partials and queries. I read almost everything on the screen now except query letters (and no yammering at me about that ok, we've had that discussion.....endlessly).

But: Do not even think about this.

You send the stuff and if I think your font is ugly, I change it. Mostly I don't care but sometimes you send something in a font my computer says "ewww" to, so I have to toggle.

The other really handy thing in Word is that I can enlarge the page without futzing around with the actual font size.

Obsess about your writing, not the format. Get the basics right and you're fine. Put down the unicorn paper; step away from the glitter. No Mp3 attachments in the email even if they are about a Dragoon of Agents.


Linda Maye Adams said...

I've seen many horrendous arguments erupt on message boards over what font to use as if somehow font is going to make a big difference in passing the first gate. If the story doesn't work, it won't matter what font it is in. Writing a novel is not a place were people can go down a checklist to do everything the teacher wants to see and get an A for it. Story counts first and foremost.

Anonymous said...

"help we writers"

Please. Help US writers. It's an object.

Teachers and writers are not allowed to make grammar mistakes.

signed, Constipated Grammarian.