Dear Santa Baby!

Miss Snark loves Santa!

MJ Rose does too.

I'm having a contest at my blog for writers, publlishers, librarians etc. Write to BookBiz Santa - what you want him to bring you and the winner's favorite charity will get $100 for Xmas. Info is all here


Anonymous said...

As deer season closes, our Wal Mart cranks out sales...

For Snarkest, I bought a camoflage string bikini accented in hot pink trim. (Nylon/Lycra, Mossey Oak high definition breakup pattern)

Yapper gets a Happy dog 2-ball launcher! (you'll just have to guess.)

Haste yee back ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've put in for a day off. Everything!

I've never come across a writer who works the self publicity machine so hard as MJ Rose. Back fired a bit for me.