Dope by Sara Gran

There was a lot of talk about Dope by Sara Gran when it came out.
Mad Max even revealed himself to be the editor of the book cause he loved it so much.

I was a nitwit to delay reading it this long.
Learn from my mistake.


David Isaak said...

I couldn’t agree more. “Dope” is a great read, and Sara Gran is a great writer.

And after you’ve read “Dope,” hunt around and find her previous novel “Come Closer.” It’s a slim little psychological horror novel, and is positively brilliant. I’m not crazy about the horror genre, but this book transcends it in the same way “Turn of the Screw” did.

Trust me. It’s tour de force writing.

blissbat said...

Note to other commenters: DON'T read the reviews on Amazon, as a couple of people spoil the ending of the book. As I just learned the hard way. Bastards.

Inez said...

Have you read Come Closer?
Repelling and intoxicating at the same
time. Could not put it down.

Anonymous said...

Dope :

just when i thought i was out...THEY PULL ME BACK IN!!!!



Bud Parr said...

I agree - A deceptively good book - the novel equivalent of an old Cagney or Bogart movie - and refreshingly so.

Anonymous said...

So how is this so different (or even better) than Boston Teran's GOD IS A BULLET? (Book of the Month Club Stephan Crane Award, John Creasey Dagger Best First Novel Award, and was nominated for the Edgar for Best First Novel.)

The Hyperbolyst said...

GOD...BULLET is a brilliant novel, but it occupies a completely different universe than DOPE--it's like comparing apples and arsenic. Frankly I can't imagine why anonymous would cite the Teran, except as an excuse to list its credits. Hmmm.