HH 309 (308 is in the wind)

[Title] is a contemporary gothic novel set in the clubs, cathedrals and catacombs of modern-day Paris. Mali Meadows is cursed; whenever she kisses a man, someone dies. Proof comes when a rebellious kiss kills her entire family in a single afternoon. She clings to
the only survivor, her young cousin, Kette, but the girls must flee Child Services to avoid being

As they run city to city, barely surviving, Mali must steal and even sell herself to provide for Kette, and the curse leaves a trail of death behind. Then they discover Kette has power, too; she mysteriously gains the ability to heal. Clues about the abilities lead the girls to hidden places in Paris, where they find an explanation but also a terrible choice. The power that cursed Mali will release her if she betrays Kette to a powerful religious order, one that seeks to
imprison and control her as a false messiah.

To save her cousin, Mali must oppose the order, an organization with immense resources. But to abolish her curse, she must defy a stronger power, one that toys with her destiny, destroys her chances at love and uses her kiss to kill.

You know, if I could kiss people to kill them, I'd ditch the cousin and go find John Rain and team up with him as the worlds greatest assassin. It gives whole new meaning to "I'd kiss you but I just washed my hair" doesn't it.

You'd do well to get out of the nameless faceless religious order blather and give us an antagonist who is specific.

And, why the name Mali? You know it's a country in Africa of course, so I'm always going to be wondering what the significance is. Is her sister named Togo?


Elektra said...

Killing kisses make me think of Poison Ivy in that old Batman movie

Jodi Meadows said...

I liked this blurb. It sets up clear internal and external conflict, and the MC is forced to do things she might not normally do to survive. And--knowing what we know about her killer kiss, every time she sells herself, she kills someone! Two strikes in one.

I'm not sure why the name Mali is odd. I mean, we've seen plenty of other blurbs with even stranger names than this. I can pronounce this one, at least.

cm allison said...

So, she can't keep from kissing people even though she knows it will kill them? Even sex can be had without kissing. I found that a really hard streach in my mind. (Afterall, Eskimos rub noses, as I do with my hubby)

jamiehall said...

It's not really clear to me whether Mali's kisses kill the person she kisses or some random person who is near her.

Also, it is not clear why living on the street as a prostitute in order to provide for her cousin is a better life that being separated from her cousin by child services. Prostitution is a pretty harsh life for a child.

Additionally, most people are not that close to cousins, only to siblings. Also, even when children are sent off to different foster homes, it's not like visitation is forbidden.

You'd need to make these issues clearer in in order to get this to be more hook-like.

Anonymous said...

I found this very intriguing. A kiss that kills? That's just brill. I don't have to know all the details of how a book is going to work before I pick it up, and this one, I would definitely pick up.

heidi said...

Mali Meadows is cursed; whenever she kisses a man, someone dies.

This line alone hooked me. It made the rest seem like a bit too much desc.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I love the concept behind this one. The kiss thing automatically hooked me -- it makes her untouchable and therefore intriguing.

Anonymous said...

I think Mali needs to get together with the Death by Orgasm dude from 254.

Virginia Miss said...

I liked the first paragraph; Paris and killing kisses sounded promising, but then it kinda went downhill when we bumped into the religious organization.