HH 330

Within a TITLE, Tahlia Jenson discovers a celebrated mythical folklore has withered a distant kingdom and now threatens the culture of her own world.

your hook starts here:
Ten-year-old Tahlia falls asleep wishing to escape the reality of her sickbed, and wakes to find the violet eyes of her doll, Sally, blinking back at her. Magically transported to a land of doll-sized inhabitants, tooth fairies and attack teddy bears, Tahlia learns Sally's playground hides a mystery. Many of the kingdom's children have disappeared, along with the infant princess. When Tahlia realizes she and Sally are next, she may have to give up her childhood innocence--and her lifelong friend--to save not only the dying kingdom, but also herself.

well, I want one of those attack teddy bears for sure.

This isn't specific enough to be compelling. For "you're next" to be scary you have to see who says it. Jaws isn't scary till you know the shark is in the lagoon.


December Quinn said...

This reminds me a bit--very loosely--of one of the stories in Sandman, which was great. If this is half as good, it would be worth a read.

Anonymous said...

It also reminds me of The Never Ending Story with the child Princess in danger. It could be compelling, but the attack Teddy Bears are kind of a negative for me.

A Paperback Writer said...

All I can think of at this point is "Teddy Bear's Picnic," which is an extraordinarily creepy song and was probably written by Neil Gaiman in a former life. shudder. I don't know about attack teddies for little kids -- unless it's humorous, of course.

Jo said...

Thank you, Miss Snark. :)

Yes, I figured (many COM hooks ago) the shark was missing, a.k.a. the king's misguided butler, a money-challenged tooth fairy, and a mistreated doll with a gambling habit.

*Sending one, gift-wrapped, attack teddy bear your way. (If you have a waterless moat handy, he'll feel right at home.) A word of warning--don't offer him any food. One decent feed of picnic fodder and he's about as useless as a wickless candle. It makes him go all warm and fuzzy.*

To those who commented, thank you.

Maria said...

Very vivid. I admire your imagination.

Anonymous said...

Terrific. Just needs a few bits more.

Virginia Miss said...

sounds promising. Good luck!