HH 532

Vincent Gatorix has been rescued from an Oriental Cult and deprogrammed, but, even after months of treatment, still resists middle-class Texas normalcy. In Texas, of course, normal means football-crazy, so his father is relieved and pleased when Vincent becomes engrossed in the vicissitudes of the so-so home pro team, but Vincent’s knowledge of the game, based on an unhappy stint as a high-school quarterback, and the discipline he learned as an athlete and as a Disciple of the Child Guru soon lead him beyond normal sports fanaticism. At the first home game he discovers the crowd can affect the game; at each following home game his knowledge and power expands until he can control the game at crucial moments. This does not go unnoticed: the Sports Announcers, the Players, the teams, the League, the Mob, the FBI, and even the morose President of the USA all seek to discover the reason that the team is unexpectedly in contention. It all comes to a shattering conclusion at the first playoff game, as Vincent’s flamboyance becomes obvious to everyone.

Well, ok there's the only way the Cubs are going to win the series, but this isn't a hook, it's an idea.

You know the drill: drop and give me XYZ.


lunkhead said...

This one has me intrigued. I would try to flesh this out a little more.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what "Oriental Cult" means. Asian? But there are so many types of religions in Asia--animist? buddhist? Not to mention that I've been taught to avoid the word "Oriental" if I'm talking about anything but a carpet. Maybe this is an accepted phrase I don't know about. Author, please enlighten me.

Greta LaGarbeaux said...

Oh, man. You hadda go and bring up Da Cubs, dincha? On behalf of all Chicagoans (and Chicagoans at heart), may I say: Ouch.

writtenwyrdd said...

"the discipline he learned as an athlete and as a Disciple of the Child Guru soon led him beyond normal sports fanatacism" had me rolling my eyes. If he's got psychic powers, start there.

Vincent's flamboyance doesn't work for me. It is some magic ability and not flamboyance that makes the team win, isn't it?

What's the conflict here? People are going after the kid, and he just wants to get the team to the world series?

Norman D Gutter said...

Miss Snark's comment is ironic, considering what's coming at number 539.

Anonymous said...

You're writing about Texas and using the word "vicissitudes" ? Huh. That right there has me intrigued.