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Noah Fenton does not understand women; he flails before them and knows too well the taste of his ankle from sticking his foot so far in his mouth. But just when twenty-seven-year-old Noah is about to give up on the fairer sex for good his perspective is forever changed. During a debaucherous night in Mexico, Noah is seduced and bitten by a werewoman, or a woman who is really a man when the moon is not full. Ever after, he turns into a beautiful woman once a month with the full moon. The transformation terrifies him at first, but he's also fascinated by the chance to walk a mile in stilettos.

Inspired by the werewolf myth, Werewoman explores how men and women deal with the ever-shifting balance of power between the sexes. Just as Noah’s private life is thrown into upheaval, he also faces a professional crisis. After a pompous reporter at the newspaper where he works steals a story he's been chasing for months, Noah erupts in anger at his editor and is unjustly fired. Sexual misconduct and treachery figure into his plot to use his female body to avenge his firing. But when he is nearly raped in the course of his plan, Noah learns first-hand the shocking vulnerability of women. With his journey just beginning, Noah must find the common ground between the sexes, as well as the courage to tell his family and friends about his peculiar new situation.

This is actually an interesting idea but you've gotten trapped in chronology. Focus on the key event: Noah goes to Mexico and comes home in high heels. We don't need chapter and verse on what happens next. Werewolves only "turn" during a full moon. Is Noah going alternating between wearing a cocktail dress and a beer helmet?

And you'll want to read Self Made Man by Norah Vincent. It's a good book on it's own, but she's got some amazing insights on this topic.


Anonymous said...

Yanno, men can be raped, too -- there's nothing shocking or special about women's "vulnerability" in that realm.

Maybe it's just me, but there's something really demeaning about women being more or less defined by their rapability.

Oh, and he's using his new female body to avenge his firing? Because female bodies are nothing more than tools for manipulating men? Ew, ew, ew.

Sadly, I'm sure there's a huge market for this. But author, wouldn't it be more exciting to do something intelligent, thoughtful, and unexpected with your admittedly interesting premise?

KingM said...

Nice premise, but a weak follow through. I would go back to the drawing board with this one, though, rather than throwing it out. There's a good story in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

most women get their period during a full moon... does this mean he has to suffer the curse as well? Cuz, yanno, I'd love to know how a man handles that!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the first anonymous.

carlynarr said...

This IS an interesting idea. I hate hate hate gender politics, though, so if this novel is actually an extended social commentary, I'd put it down the nanosecond I figured that out. If it is entertaining and has a real story to tell, though, then I'd be all over it.

Emmy Voter said...

Cool premise, it's new and fresh to me. The first anonymous makes good points, though. I'd need to read the book to know whether I found the handling of the subject shallow or offensive. The hook did it's job of making me curious.

Anonymous said...

1st paragraph: LMAO, would definitely pick up the book and flip through some pages. Actually thought this might be a rockin' lighthearted comedy.

2nd paragraph: This is where you lost me. Sounds like it might head down the preachy path on one hand, and on the other hand, as a woman I can't help but shudder at the "plot to use his female body to avenge his firing".

Love the premise, just rethink the plot and you'll have a winner.

shannon said...

I agree with Anon #1 too.

It's a very dodgy area, getting inside the head of the opposite sex, for the character and the author.

I'd definitely pick this one up, but if I felt patronised I'd quickly put it down again. I DO NOT want to read a novelisation of that god-awful movie What Women Want!

Dave said...

I like it. I've read enough cheesy fiction about man-becomes-woman or vice versa that this might work. I've even written some of that cheesy garbage. Stay away from the prurient, hackneyed and cliche and it might just work out.
This is a different take on werewolves and that is good.

HawkOwl said...

I like the premise, but the "shocking vulnerability of women" is bullshit. Notwithstanding that I'm now soured on the whole thing and believe it's gonna be unrealistic and basically sexism trying to pass as empathy, I'd want to read this and see if by any chance, it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2: WTF?

Virginia Miss said...

I like the premise, but not the hook.
And "shocking vulnerability of women" turned me off.

In the second paragraph, lose the first sentence, it interrupts the flow.

Good luck.

author said...

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely worked very hard to not make it patronizing or cliche, and thank God for my wife for her help on those matters.

Remember, I don't say it's a good idea he has to use his female body to avenge his firing -- this is a guy who has no idea what it's really like to be a woman in that he is now at a physical disadvantage to men. He has to learn that the hard way.

And in no way have I ever or do I define women by their rapability. Don't know where anon #1 got that idea.

anyway, thanks again for the suggestions.

Anonymous said...

most women get their period during a full moon...


That's not even remotely true.