HH Com 161

Rookie cop Zero Katz embraces life's three C’s: Coors, Cowboy boots, and Classic rock. Where he’s from, men drive muscle cars and queers are for smearing. So what to do when his LAPD patrol partner is murdered, then ‘outed’ postmortem?

Keep investigating, dammit.

Even when it drags straight-laced Katz to his first gay bar. Even when it requires an uneasy alliance with Samuel Miller, an ex-Marine gay-rights advocate who’s still pissed about ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ Miller’s hell-bent on dragging a Hollywood action star from the closet, and happy to implicate the actor in the cop-killing. Perhaps Miller’s wild theories, though, aren’t so far-fetched…

As Katz confronts his own homophobia, his off-the-books investigation runs afoul of his girlfriend, the official homicide detectives, Mr. Hollywood’s four-headed monster (agent, manager, lawyer, publicist), a financially-strapped Sioux shaman, and a furry assassin who’s falling in love with his werewolf sex doll.

Blackmail. Fur fetish. Celebrity outing. Only one thing’s certain – a killer still runs free in a town where fiction is fact, and everyone has an agenda. To avenge his partner’s murder, Katz may need every one of his namesake’s nine lives!

I have to tell you overcoming homophobia is REALLY over rated as character development. I mean really, does anyone care?? Your whole plot hinges on the LA cop being closeted. Well bucko it's 2006 and almost 2007. The only guys closeted on LAPD are the homophobes. You'd do better to discover he's really a girl under the uniform.

And if this guy is such a cowboy coors sucker, wtf is he doing in LA? He'd be in Orange County if he's in SoCal at all.

Please. Give me a break.

There's a reason this post is in lavender.


Ryan Field said...

To the writer of this...I'm assuming Katz is FROM somewhere other than LA, maybe OC or even the valley, and that he now works and lives in LA. Not that he is FROM LA originally.

While the hook needs serious polishing, don't let the lavender comments discourage you. You can't blame her for losing the clue gun once in a while. Clearly, she doesn't know much about the down-low...that it goes far beyond the book that was written.

I like it, I'd read it, and I've been working for large gay publishers for many years.

cm allison said...

I agree Ryan & MS, if so into "the three C's", he'd be from outside LA, try farther: San Bernardino County, Cajon Pass, Needles. And then he'd HATE being in LA. Which could be addtional conflict....

Kathleen said...

Well bucko it's 2006 and almost 2007. The only guys closeted on LAPD are the homophobes.

I love ya Miss Snark, but this is really really naive. Sweet though in a Pollyanna sort of way.

Eileen said...

I can see that LA would be more out. The story might work better if he is a cop in a smaller community. One where the police force isn't as PC. (Or at least trying to be PC.) My sister is a cop- in a southern town. There are still folks in the closet there.

gregory huffstutter said...

As the writer of this hook, obviously I need to clarify the fact that Katz grew up in a small town (Colorado Springs) and is now working in Los Angeles.

While my story takes place in 2000, after interviewing numerous police officers -- both straight and gay -- I can assure you that even in 2006, the majority of gay officers chose to remain closeted at work.

But my plot doesn't really hinge on that fact... Katz's partner is outed on page 75.

So I'll need to re-focus the hook and play up the interaction between Katz and Miller, which is really the heart of my novel.

If anyone would like to check out the first 100 pages, it's posted at www.katz-cradle.com.


Anonymous said...

I've actually slept with a closeted LA cop. Trust me, it doesn't have to be a small town.

Anonymous said...

I liked this idea. I can't comment on the plausibility in LA, but homophobia is an ongoing problem in the UK police. You could always set it historically, witness the extremely powerful homophobia episode of Life on Mars (set in 1973 Manchester).

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