HH Com 174

When you have just graduated college and moved to a new city you might feel a little bit lost. However when you add to that a semi-stalking vampire, problems with your late father’s work which is shrouded in secrecy, some really overzealous exotic pet owners and fairy folks in your garden, you might feel lost, confused and maybe just a little bit scared. Lost is a paranormal romance novel complete at 72,000.

your hook starts here:
Athena Arc, an education student, just moved to Kansas City, MO from the small Missouri town of Secret, and it seems that a lot of things in her family were actually secrets. Estranged from her mother, who remarried far too soon after her father’s death to someone far too young, Athena is responsible for all of her father’s records from his veterinarian business. Former clients, the Reed family, come calling, and there is something not quite right about the Reeds—especially handsome and charming Blake Reed.

Then there is Aidan. Tall, pale and hot, literally, he always seems to show up whenever Athena is sad or needs help. He is no ordinary cold vamp in a frock coat. Aidan believes Athena is his ‘destiny’, and there are hints he is mixed up with the secret Arc family business.

This is a list of characters. You've alluded to conflict but it needs to be spelled out. What's the problem? What are her choices? "vamp" isn't only short for vampire by the way, particularly when the agent reading it has been known to say 23 skidoo.


cm allison said...

That's because EE calls you a "marvelous vamp" MS.

But really, I thought the same thing, I did not equate "vamp" with vampire, but with the verb "to vamp" or the noun "MS is a total vamp in stilettos".

I also thought "sweaty" with the pale and hot discription.....guess I'm tired also as I try to sneak in crap-o-meter peeks at work. (Honest boss, I am working!)

Anonymous said...

I can't get over the number of names beginning with the letter A in the submissions. That must be the trend now. For a while I thought it was a coincidence, but it doesn't seem so.

HawkOwl said...

At least if it's romance, being formulaic isn't a fault. Right?

batgirl said...

So, her dad was Vet to the Damned? That's kind of cool. I'd like to read about her dad's business. James Herriot crossed with Charlaine Harris.

writtenwyrdd said...

This sounds like formulaic vampire romance, but that is what will make it sell. I'd buy it, because I'm a sucker (haha, punny!) for such books. Even the really bad ones.